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    Basic knowledge of fuse holder and introduction of automobile fuse holder selection

    Today, HINEW fuse holder factory will focus on the introduction of the fuse seat, fuse some basic knowledge, will also introduce the car fuse seat selection should pay attention to some factors, to help us better understand and understand what is the fuse seat, and this aspect of knowledge.

      First of all, what is the relationship between fuse and fuse seat?

      Fuse holder is designed and developed to better install and replace a single fuse, which is known in the industry as a fuse holder.Of course, there are also the same types of products, including fuse box, fuse holder, fuse sleeve, fuse holder, etc.

      We need to use some necessary equipment to install the fuse.Only when the equipment is complete can we ensure that we install the fuse more smoothly.When installing equipment, we should use a fuse holder, because without this device, we cannot install fuses on the products we need.The shelves now contain cars and basic electrical circuits.With this seat, the goal is to better hold the fuse, avoid some fusing collisions, and replace the fuse more quickly and easily.

      There are many enterprises in the fuse seat research, the purpose is to make this fuse seat better use in our industrial production, because many products now rely on the production of certain power system, power system in the use process, as long as there is a current through, then there will be.Certain dangers, how to install an effective fuse, we have to use this seat, put the fuse on this seat, in order to really improve the use of the fuse effect.

      In this form, the main purpose is to allow the fuse to give full play to its advantages, when the need to protect the circuit, play a normal role.When we choose fuse holder, we also have a lot of important points, a lot of people don’t know how to choose, in fact, in the process of purchase, we should begin from the following aspects, first is the size of our current, if the current is too large, so we should choose a larger seat, if the current ratio is small, then we buy the fuse is not too big, not too big, then the corresponding seat is this match, in the process of buying to truly understand the value of the match.

      In order to give full play to the fuse, we chose seats that were effective.When studying fuses, we usually look at the fuse holder in passing.Because there are some problems when people choose to buy, or when they install, because different fuses will be installed on different circuit boards, if the circuit board is different, then the product we choose should be different, and the location of the installation is different, the fuse seat we choose should be different.If the installation location is normal, then we don’t consider anything, you can buy some ordinary fuse seat on the market, if the installation location is not normal, or in some special places, then maybe we should choose some special fuse seat.

      What about the material of the fuse holder?

      Fuse block is relatively trouble in the process of production and manufacture, the prices on the market is much larger than the fuse, the fuse and fuse holder, also is the same way, when the plastic parts and metal materials are of good quality, the price also is more, now in general can be divided into: plastic, bakelite nylon PA66, PP material, plastic, hardware, generally for brass nickel plated, silver plated or brass, good material is tin plating copper tin plating silver.Electrostatic discharge current of circuit board integrated circuit data line for fuse base transient and leakage current.The electrostatic discharge transient of electrical equipment is reduced by directly entering the chip’s electrostatic discharge current through the protected data line of circuit board integrated circuit data line.The electrostatic discharge suppressor of electronic devices clamps on the transient state, thus limiting the electrostatic discharge current of the chip.

      What are the parts of the fuse holder?

      Fuse holder assembly consists of nuts, plastic, copper, etc.Select the appropriate diameter from the effective mounting panel and slowly assemble.Installation is not recommended, of course, as they may tend to remain in cotton-wool or dust connections, ensuring that grease is completely spread throughout the installation panel of the device, lowering seat torque fuses to the specified forward closure, and contacting application engineering to provide assistance in selecting and using the appropriate radiator.Fuse holder assemblies and hardware and method assemblies shall be perforated, non-insulated sleeves shall be encapsulated (isolated), as the device is labeled with an electrical isolation round head or machine screw, with a recommended torque of 6 “LBS.Washer screw top touch not equipment installed epoxy resin, in order to avoid the axial stress boundary bare metal is used for heavy fuse blocks, such as the installation of isolation, potential due to shrinkage cavity punching is unacceptable, this may result in equipment is pulled into the crater of fasteners, or you can leave a part of a tilt, fuse equipment in contact with the fuse.

      Is there anything else about the fuse seat?

      When electroplating the fuse holder terminal, there are certain requirements for the surface of the electroplating production area: anti-corrosion, anti-seepage and anti-accumulation;The production line is equipped with a water tank to collect spray and cleaning fluid.The first requirement of electroplating production line with good quality is high quality automatic continuous electroplating production line equipment.The following are the matters needing attention in the electroplating operation of the fuse holder terminals:

      One is to adjust the structure of automatic continuous electroplating production line.The tightness, lubricity and clearance of each part and part, such as blade clearance, must be adjusted before use.Also, if parts are to be replaced, procedures must be followed.The parts will not be damaged when replaced.

      Secondly, pay close attention to the use of automatic electroplating production line equipment.During the operation, you should not leave the post without permission.You should always be alert, especially for unusual situations.Once any abnormal situation occurs during the operation of the equipment, the power supply of the equipment should be cut off immediately.

      Third, when automatic continuous electroplating production line equipment is working, the adjustment cannot be interrupted.This means that during the working week of the equipment, it is best not to make any adjustment or maintenance during this period, otherwise the continuous operation of the automatic plating production line will be stopped, which will lead to discontinuity of the plating process and continuity and process deviation between the work results (such as coating thickness).

      In a nutshell, fuse holder terminal plating quality is good or not is directly related to PCB welding work of the follow-up, plating quality directly affect the welding quality, we often meet with bad welding production technology, electroplating oxide etc on the problem, metal plating surface is very unstable, this is also our has been emphasized the importance of fuse holder terminal plating process.

      Introduced so many knowledge points and matters needing attention about fuse seat, so what knowledge do we need to know about fuse?Today we will introduce some factors involved in fuse selection:

      (1) normal working current.

      (2) applied voltage on the fuse.

      (3) the request of the fuse disconnected abnormal current.

      The shortest and longest time allowed for abnormal current.

      5. Ambient temperature of the fuse.

      6 pulse, impulse current, surge current, starting current and circuit transient value.

      7. Whether there are special requirements beyond the fuse specification.

      The dimensional limitation that installs structure today.

      9) the certification authorities.

      Fuse holder: fuse holder, installation box, panel installation, etc.

      Finally, we will introduce some basic parameters that should be paid attention to when selecting the fuse seat.

      Basic relevant parameters of automobile insurance seat mainly include the following:

      (1) the fuse time of the automobile insurance line seat, the automobile fuse seat generally has no fast and slow fuse of cent, but the automobile fuse have fast fuse and slow fuse of cent, the automobile fuse is the same as other fuse, also is completely accord with ** standard, our country’s standard stipulation: the fuse current of fuse is 2 times of rated current.When the current through the fuse exceeds the rated current, the fuse does not necessarily immediately fuse, but more than the more, the faster the fuse, when the current through the fuse is 1.45 times of the rated current, the time of the fuse is not more than 5 minutes;When the current passing through the fuse is twice the rated current (that is, equal to the fusing current), the fusing time should not exceed 1 minute.

      (2) the maximum current of the fuse: the fuse current is 2 times of the rated current.

      (3) rated current: 1a-150a, this is the normal circuit, but some circuit current may be higher.

      (4) rated voltage: ordinary circuit voltage generally 250V, but the car fuse seat and other fuse seat different voltage is 32V or 48V.

      5 color standard: car fuse seat general color for black, some colors can be customized.

      Cold resistance: resistance is generally negligible because its parameters are not very important.

      7 minimum melting heat energy: this is generally related to its temperature resistance, the material is different, temperature resistance is different, the general market most auto fuse seat material for PVC, the basic can reach about 100 degrees, the temperature can meet most of the needs.

      Today’s fuse seat and fuse related knowledge of the introduction of the end, I hope to give you some help!

    Post time: Aug-12-2019
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