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    Do you know what a miniature fuse is?

    A fuse protects a circuit by fusing itself and cutting it off by means of joule heat flowing through a current in a fusible metal.In the second half of the 19th century, the fuse came into being with the invention of various electrical equipment, led by the light bulb.

    Advantages and disadvantages of miniature fuse:

    We often see things like glass tube fuses and piece fuses in cars.As the protection element of electronic equipment, glass tube type fuse is used for a long time, but because of its big volume, fragile, unable to achieve automatic installation and other shortcomings, therefore, the industry to miniature fuse demand voice is increasingly high.The main purpose of traditional fuse is to protect the power input.Now the situation has changed, fuse derived many new USES, such as the protection of equipment internal PCB and IC, the protection of input and output circuit, etc., this also makes its use increased year by year.It has the characteristics of small size, high sensitivity and fast protection.It is often used in switch power supply, charger and small household appliance control board.

    Classification: according to the shape of the product can be divided into square and cylindrical miniature fuse, size: 8*8*4mm, 8.5*8mm, 8.5*8*4mm;Current range from 50mA- 6.3a 125V/250V;Models: [1] AR5\AP5\AMF\AF22020010\MEF\MET\MSF\MST, etc.(2) fuse according to the fusing performance is divided into fast fusing and slow fusing.According to the standard can be divided into American and European standards, the certification has: UL\VDE\SEMKO\CUL\CCC\EK PSE.

    Specification: most microfuses are certified by us national security specification ul248-14, which specifies the following: (1) power on capacity: power on at rated current for 1 hour without a fuse.Temperature rise: according to the rated current when the temperature rise <75℃.(3) fuse test: on the condition of 2 times rated current, fuse within 1 minute.(4) circuit breaking capacity: plus rated circuit breaking capacity, will not continuously produce flashover or ignition.

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    Post time: Mar-28-2020
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