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    Function and structure of automobile fuse holder

    This paper is mainly about the introduction of automobile fuse holder, and focuses on the structure, classification and function of automobile fuse seat in detail.

    Car fuse holder

    Automobile fuse seat is to install automobile fuse seat, automobile fuse seat can be divided into: panel installation automobile fuse seat;Lead type automobile fuse holder;Car fuse holder.The panel mounted automobile fuse seat is mainly used in the automobile electrical appliances, such as the automobile power amplifier, the automobile audio box, the automobile DVD and so on.

    Function and structure of automobile fuse holder

    In the process of using the automobile fuse holder, its fuse can withstand the overload in a certain range due to the power supply or its external interference and the gash current fluctuation. When the relatively large overload current appears in the circuit of the automobile fuse holder, its fuse should cut off its overload current within a fixed time.

    Automobile fuse holder can protect the safety of other electronic parts in the circuit to a certain extent. When the circuit is short-circuited and its current is very high, the fuse can safely cut off its circuit, so that they will be free from damage caused by excessive current.

    The rated current in the automobile fuse seat, which is effectively called the nominal operating current of the fuse, the rated current value usually has 100mA, 160mA, 200mA, 315mA, 400mA, 500mA, 630mA, 800mA, 1A, 2A,, 4A, 5A, etc.

    The fuse in the automobile fuse seat can be used under the voltage which is equal to or is less than its rated voltage, but generally cannot be used in the circuit voltage which is greater than the rated voltage of the fuse, the voltage drop of the equipment, to the fuse in the rated current.

    The heat balance of the car fuse seat namely temperature stability comes down when measure the voltage of both ends and the voltage drop of the fuse both ends to the circuit can have certain effect to some extent, so in the regulation to have the clear regulation of the voltage drop, its have no requirement in the United States regulation.

    The overload current in the automobile fuse holder mainly refers to the current flowing through the circuit which is higher than the normal working time. If the overload current cannot be cut off, it may cause damage to other electronic parts in the circuit.

    Classification of automobile fuse seats

    Lead type automobile fuse seat is used for automobile wiring harness.Automobile fuse clip is used to install automobile fuse on circuit board, which is easy to install and easy to dismount. According to the classification of installing fuse, it can be divided into fuse box and fuse box.

    The automobile fuse seat to the current sensitive element, its function is to make the judgment to the overcurrent, flows through is not allowed when the fault overcurrent fuses is the fuse should have the protection function;And for the instantaneous pulse such as non-fault overcurrent, the fuse should be able to withstand enough times, to ensure the normal use of the whole machine.

    Current generally can't more than normal when using the pulse boot, electricity will not more than 10 times, auto fuse holder should never action, and in case of abnormal fusing must be have a problem, if not timely find out the cause of the abnormal fusing, only by replacing the fuse, or simply increase the fuse capacity is not reassuring.

    According to the classification of installing fuse, it can be divided into fuse tube box and insurance piece box;

    According to the fuse size, can be divided into large fuse box, medium fuse box, small fuse box;

    According to the material, can be divided into plastic fuse box, bakelwood fuse box;

    According to environmental protection points, can be divided into environmental protection fuse box, non-environmental protection fuse box;

    By means of installation: can be divided into lead type fuse box and circuit board type fuse box, instrument panel installation fuse box

    What is the difference between automobile fuse and automobile fuse seat

    Automobile fuse is a kind of current fuse, when the circuit current exceeds 2 times of the rated current of the fuse, it will blow in a few seconds and play the role of circuit protection.

    It is often used to protect the passing current of automobile and industrial equipment.There are many electrical devices connected by different colored wires in the car circuit. The most important one should be the fuse.Fuse is a common name, the national standard called fuse.The purpose of a fuse is to protect circuits (circuits) and electrical equipment.


    This is the introduction of auto fuse seat, if you need to buy, welcome to consult, we are a Chinese manufacturer of fuse seat.

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