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    Fuse holder heating speed and its electrical function characteristics

    When the fuse holder is in use, when current flows through the conductor, there will be a certain resistance between the conductors, so the conductor will heat up, and the heat generated by the fuse holder will inevitably follow the formula of Q=0.24I2RT. Where T is the time at which the current flows through the conductor, R is the resistance of the conductor, 0.24 is a constant, and Q is the amount of heat generated.

    When the fuse of the fuse holder is energized, the heat of the current will increase the temperature of the melt. In the process of loading the normal operating current or the overload current, the heat generated by the current and the melt, the shell The heat generated by the body and the surrounding environment can gradually reach equilibrium.

    If the heat dissipation rate of the fuse holder does not keep up with the heat generation rate, the heat will gradually accumulate on the melt, causing the temperature of the melt to rise. Once the temperature reaches the melting point of the melt material, it will liquefy or vaporize, and then disconnect. Current, the effect of safe maintenance on the circuit and the human body.

    The electrical function of the fuse holder is connected to the electronic circuit in series when it is used. Generally, the resistance is required to be small. When the circuit works normally, it is only equivalent to one wire, which can be stably turned on for a long time. Circuits, because of power supply or external disturbances, when the current is shaken, it should also be able to withstand a certain range of overload.

    In the fuse holder, when the circuit presents its relatively large overload current, the sub-fuse will operate and the current will be maintained to maintain the safety of the circuit.

    Therefore, there are two very important working parameters in the operation, namely rated voltage and rated current. During the use of the fuse holder, it is necessary to select the corresponding fuse holder according to the current and voltage of the circuit.


    Post time: Jul-31-2019
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