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    how to choose a panel mount fuse holder | HINEW

    The following are references for engineers or buyers looking for a panel mount fuse holder:

    Panel Mount Fuse Holder are 3 Types:

    1、6x30mm fuse holder panel mount


    2、5x20mm fuse holder panel mount


    3、10x38mm panel mount fuse holder


    Panel Mount Fuse Holder Installation Method:

    1、Manual rotation or screwdriver tool

    Manually remove the fuse

    screw-cap panel-mount fuse holder

    screw-cap panel-mount fuse holder

    That requires a tool (such as a screwdriver) to remover the top.

    screw cap panel mount fuse holder

    screw cap panel mount fuse holder

    2、Screw Cap or Bayonet Cap

    Screw caps provide superior water and condensation resistance.


    panel mount fuse holder waterproof

    A bayonet cap provides convenience of removing the cap with just a 1/4 turn.


    square panel mount fuse holder

    Post time: May-05-2019
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