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    Installation requirements and protection of automotive fuse seat | HINEW

    The main function of automobile fuse holder in the process of using is that when the circuit failure or abnormal situation, it will be effectively accompanied by the increasing current, the rising current in the equipment may damage some important components or valuable components in the circuit.

    The current rise of the car fuse holderwill be very likely to burn the circuit or even cause a fire, the product in use will not be damaged by the current, also can avoid electronic equipment because of internal failure caused by serious injury, so each fuse has the rated specification, when the current exceeds the rated specification fuse will fuse.

    If the fuse holder of the automobile is properly placed in the circuit, the fuse will be in the current abnormal rise to a certain height of the device itself to cut off the current, thus playing a role in protecting the safe operation of the circuit.Everyone knows that fuses are protective.

    The circuit of the automobile fuse holder device is installed by the plastic copper core flexible wire with rated current of 3 amperes. The rated current of the fuse is 1 amperes and the fuse current is 2 amperes. The small bulb is removed and the furnace wire of about 2 ohms is connected between I and J.So when the power supply voltage is 6 volts, the circuit current should be 3 amperes, switch K is turned on and the fuse is blown.

    Automobile fuse holder device circuit in normal circumstances, the fuse is equivalent to a wire, or the circuit is faulty, the fuse plays an insurance role, series in the circuit fuse, can be in the circuit failure, in the current increase to dangerous degree before, automatically cut off the power supply and avoid the accident.

    The above is about the installation requirements of the car fuse seat and the protection of the introduction, I hope you have some help;We are a professional fuse block manufacturers, products are:pcb mount fuse holder,pcb mount blade fuse holder,mini blade fuse holder pcb;Welcome to consult!

    Post time: Jan-15-2020
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