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    Maintenance and replacement of automobile fuse holder and working principle | HINEW

    There will be a lot of electrical equipment in the car circuit will be connected by different colors of the wire, one of the most important should be its car fuse seat, the national standard called the fuse.The function of the car fuse seat is to protect the circuit (circuit) and electrical equipment, not because of short circuit, overload fault and overheating damage, or even fire.

    The main function of the car fuse holder in use is to protect its wiring, in the selection of the need to install the right size of the fuse, so as to protect the wire connection to a certain extent, if the device like a car radio suddenly flowing through its large enough current to fuse the fuse.

    In general, its car ball will have two fuse plates, one located in the engine room, installed car fuse seat for cooling fan, anti-lock brake pump and engine control unit, and the other car fuse seat is usually located near the driver’s knee in the dashboard.

    The inside of the conductor of a car fuse seat is made of solder-like metal, which will have a lower melting point than the normal conductor itself during use, so that the size of the conductor has to be calibrated very precisely to produce enough heat to fuse the conductor when the rated current is reached

    The fuse must be replaced before the circuit can work.The fuse must be replaced with a fuse of the same amperage.The easiest way to check your car’s fuse holder is to take it out of the socket and hook the two conductors of the fuse with a continuity tester.

    Above is about the car fuse seat maintenance and replacement and the principle of the introduction, I hope you have certain help;We are a professional fuse holder manufacturer from China.The products are:pcb fuse holder,pcb blade fuse holder,pcb mounted fuse holder;Welcome to consult!

    Post time: Jan-15-2020
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