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    Method for extending the life of automotive fuse holder terminals

    There are many kinds of automobile fuse holders. One of the commonly used ones is a combination of hardware terminals and plastics. It is generally soldered on the PCB. It has the advantages of convenient soldering, simple operation and convenient use. It is widely used by users, so it is commonly used. An electronic component that protects its contact terminals and extends their life.

    In the later use of automobile fuse holders, the service life of the fuse holder is shortened due to various factors. The electronic components of the fuse holder are composed of hardware and plastic parts. Therefore, the metal corrosion mainly causes poor conduction or short circuit caused by oxidation. The main position is At the junction of the two, etc.

    The general automotive fuse holder hardware contact terminals are mainly affected by corrosion and are mainly composed of metal and metal plating layers and components. The use of ordinary metal as a terminal makes the erosion more severe, and the service life is greatly reduced. Secondly, as the circuit current increases, the general terminal will generate heat or burn out. As the temperature increases, the corrosion rate will increase by 1~3 times.

    At the same time, for the heat exchange medium with a fast flow rate, the flow rate will greatly affect the corrosion rate under the use of the fuse holder. Therefore, the root cause of the corrosion problem of the terminal block of the automobile fuse holder is the alternative material. We recommend that the fuse terminal is generally made of conductive material, resistant to strong acid and alkali. Therefore, the high-quality brass fuse holder terminal is selected and surface treated, which can easily resist various corrosion, reduce the damage of electronic components, and prolong the service period.

    In addition, dust protection in the late stage is also indispensable, especially in the south, which is particularly wet in spring and summer. Any terminal that is easily damp is highly likely to cause oxidative corrosion, which can also extend the service life of the fuse holder.

    Post time: Jul-31-2019
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