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    what are fuse blocks and fuse holders | HINEW

    Fuse box definition

    The fuse box can be divided into a lead fuse box and a car fuse box.

    Common injection molding materials for fuse boxes are: plastic, nylon, bakelite, PBT engineering plastics. Each material has different degrees of high temperature resistance.

    In the process of selecting the fuse box, the current of the fuse used, the size of the fuse, and the larger the fuse current, should be considered.

    Then, the wire that is matched with the fuse box should use a larger number of wires, otherwise the fuse box and the wire will be heated and cause a fire.

    Fuse box classification

    According to the classification of the installed fuse

    Can be divided into fuse box and insurance box

    By fuse size

    Can be divided into large fuse box, medium fuse box, small fuse box

    By material

    Can be divided into plastic fuse box, bakelite fuse box

    According to environmental protection

    Can be divided into environmental fuse box, non-environmental fuse box

    By installation method

    Can be divided into leaded fuse box and circuit board fuse box, instrument panel mounted fuse box

    Leaded fuse box (for fit fuse tube size): 5 x 20mm fuse box, 6 x 30mm fuse box.

    Automotive fuse box (for fuse size): small insert fuse box, medium insert fuse box, large insert fuse box.

    The fuse box is mainly used to see its size, and then see if its fire rating can meet the requirements and fit the fuse tube size and current (A)

    Generally, a large current (generally 15A or more is called a large current) is suitable for a 6×30mm fuse box and a medium-sized insert fuse box, and the wire needs 16AWG (1.5 square) or more.

    Fuse Holder

    The fuse holder refers to the carrier used to mount the fuse.

    The fuse holders can be divided into: panel mounting fuse holders, PCB mounting fuse holders, leaded fuse holders and automotive fuse holders;

    Panel mounted fuse holder (used in electrical equipment, such as power amplifiers, DVDs, speakers, massage chairs and other electrical equipment);

    Leaded fuse holders (used for connection of small appliances and industrial machinery harnesses);

    PCB fuse holder (used on small appliance control board) and fuse clip (used on small appliance control board).

    Automotive fuse holders can be divided into leaded automotive fuse holders (on multi-purpose automotive and industrial machinery harnesses);

    Panel mount automotive fuse holders (used in automotive appliances, such as car amplifiers, car refrigerators, car DVDs, etc.) and automotive fuse clips.

    The fuse holder has requirements for current resistance, voltage resistance, and fire rating. Generally, it is required to pass UL CSA VDE ROHS and other safety regulations and EU certification.

    Common fuse holder

    For the fuse tube size

    5×20mm fuse holder, 6×30mm fuse holder

    Suitable for insert model

    Small insert fuse holder, medium insert fuse holder, large insert fuse holder.

    The above is commonly used, the choice of fuse holder depends on its own suit, mainly depends on the size of the installation, suitable for the size, shape and performance of the fuse tube.

    Improved structure of the fuse holder

    The improved structure of the fuse holder, especially the fuse holder with the condition of the display fuse and without the need to replace its self-resetting fuse.

    The method includes: a first conductive body having a plurality of screw holes and a screw hole respectively communicating with each other; each screw hole is screwed into an abutting screw;

    A plurality of second conductive bodies each having a screw hole and a socket, wherein each screw hole is screwed into an abutting screw;

    A plurality of self-resetting fuses electrically connected between the first conducting body and each of the second conducting bodies;

    A pedestal of the first and second conducting bodies is fixed on a top side;

    An upper cover covering the base;

    And a circuit board fixed on the upper cover and provided with a plurality of light-emitting components, and electrically connected to the first conductive body and each of the second conductive bodies.

    Post time: May-23-2019
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