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    What are the advantages of fuse box and how to choose? | HINEW

    The fuse box may not be heard too much, but we already know a lot about the fuse holder. Then we can see from the name of the fuse box that it is mainly used to install the fuse box.

    Today, the manatee fuse box manufacturer mainly analyzes the related advantages of the fuse box and its related classification.


    The main advantages of the fuse box are as follows:

    1, easy to install

    2, waterproof

    3, fire prevention

    4, high temperature resistance

    The main categories of fuse boxes are as follows:

    1. Leaded fuse box

    2, car fuse box


    The following will continue to analyze other related information about the fuse box:

    The previous simple knowledge of the fuse box has been analyzed, including its simple knowledge, related advantages, and its classification.

    So after understanding this, it is very important to choose the fuse box relatively, because it determines the key to the long-term use.

    Here’s a quick analysis of how to choose the right fuse box?

    The first thing we have to do when choosing a fuse box is to look at its size. Of course, this one is the most straightforward to see;

    Then choose mainly based on our direct needs:

    The second is to look at the size of the fuse tube and the current and voltage.

    In fact, the current is still very particular;


    Let’s take a brief look at common sense below:

    Generally, a fuse box larger than 15A can be called a large current.

    As for which fuse box it is suitable for, and what kind of wire it needs to be used, it is up to us to decide.


    Post time: Apr-22-2019
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