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    What are the different types of car fuses | HINEW

    What is a car fuse?

    A fuse, as we like to call it, is officially called a "fuse."

    The purpose of automobile fuses is similar to that of fuses at home. When the circuit current is abnormal and exceeds its rated current, the fuses act as circuit protective barriers.Automobile fuses can be roughly divided into two types: fast fuses and slow fuses.

    Different types of automobile fuses have different specifications:

    One. inserted fuse:

    Insert type fuse can be divided into: super small insert fuse, small car fuse, medium car fuse, large car fuse.

    Rated current is 1-40 amperes (A)~ large size 30-120 amperes (A), rated voltage is 32 volts (V).

    Two, fork bolt type fuse:

    Fork bolt type fuse can be divided into: small fork bolt type fuse, large fork bolt type fuse.

    Rated current is 30-150 amps (A)~ large size 40-800 amps (A), rated voltage 32/125 volts (V).

    Three, automobile glass tube fuse:

    Automobile glass tube fuse can be divided into: 6.35×30mm glass tube fuse, 6.35×31.75mm glass tube fuse, 10×38mm glass tube fuse.

    Rated current is 0.5-20 amperes (A)~10×38mm20-80 amperes (A), rated voltage is 32 volts (V).

    On market, the application of car fuse also calculates extensive, commonly used specification is so a few kinds, in order to better differentiate these fuse, manufacturer design when useful color differentiates, so, we can distinguish through color.

    In international standards there are usually:

    2 A gray,

    3 A purple,

    4 A pink,

    5 A orange,

    7.5A coffee color

    10A red,

    15 A blue,

    20 A yellow,

    25A colorless and transparent,

    30 A green

    40A deep orange car fuse.

    Depending on the color, the amperes can be clearly distinguished.

    Because there are many parts and electronic equipment on the car, and each device will be equipped with a fuse, so in order to facilitate future maintenance, each car in the beginning of the design, the designer will put the car fuse are concentrated in one place, and this place is called the fuse box.

    Generally a car has two fuse boxes, one is located in the engine compartment, responsible for the external electrical fuse, such as the engine control unit, horn, glass cleaner, ABS, headlights, etc.

    The other one is near the driver's left side and manages the appliances in the car, such as window lifters, airbags, power seats and cigarette lighters.

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    Post time: Sep-19-2019
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