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    What dustproof tips does fuse holder have?

    Fuse holder as an important circuit protection component, its use and preservation is very exquisite, this chapter focuses on how to preserve fuse holder.

    1, fuse holder is used to protect electronic circuit protection device, its role is obvious, any dust and other stolen goods fall on the metal surface.A long time will lead to surface oxidation, rust and other phenomena, at present, many foreign manufacturers have invented the production of fuse seat installed jacket;Adopt various patterns of protective cover, so that the metal is not exposed.

    2. Use anti-rust oil to reduce direct contact with air in fuse holder:

    (1) one of the functions of anti-rust oil lubricant is to minimize the metal surface contact with air or other objects to reduce oxidation rate and improve performance.Prevent metal corrosion.A flowing antirust lubricant also washes.

    (2) reduce the wear of fuse holder and reduce vibration.

    (3) to prevent crawling under low speed and heavy load.Reduce thermal deformation.

    (4) reduce the friction heat during the operation of the safety clip.

    3, fuse holder anti-rust oil selection

    Optional rust-proof oil for guide rail used as hydraulic medium at the same time:

    (1) as both conductive medium and rustproof lubricating oil

    According to different types of wire board needs.Not only to meet the requirements of guide rail, but also to meet the requirements of the circuit system.

    (2) choose the fuse holder jacket according to the size of circuit space.

    (3) when choosing to use the fuse seat sheath, choose according to the actual application of the space position of the fuse seat on the wire plate.Also may refer to the domestic and foreign existing practical application examples to choose.In order to avoid the use of occupied space, space resources shortage and other situations.

    All fuses are in accordance with strict preservation measures, our users can rest assured to buy, specific more questions can consult us - China fuse holder factory!

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    Post time: Aug-29-2019
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