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    What is the function of fuse holder | HINEW

    Fuse holder is a high function fuse protection device.Because the reverse leakage current is too large to affect the normal operation of the circuit, the rise or fall of the junction temperature, from + 25℃ to + 175℃, approximately linearly, will lead to 50% breakdown of the voltage VBR at a specific coefficient with the increase of temperature.The clamp voltage does not exceed the voltage of the protection circuit.Transient voltage presser can be operated between -55 ℃ and + 150℃.

    How to choose fuse: fuse seat is widely used in electronic components, circuit protection overvoltage protection in anti-static, mainly including: industrial products, communications, power supply, computers, automobiles, signal transmission line protection, military and control systems.

    Suppose you need a TV at a temperature that varies according to the use of the selected polarity and encapsulation structure.AC circuit using bipolar emotion is more fair;Multiple line protection options array is more advantageous in the premise that the pulse duration, the peak pulse power supply is greater than the protected circuit may be within the surge peak pulse power supply in determining clamp voltage, and the peak pulse current should surge more than the current transient.Temperature.

    Fuse holders for interface circuits used for data protection, also be careful to select appropriate capacitor devices.Consider the temperature effect characteristics.At a specific coefficient as the temperature increases.Consider the temperature effect characteristics.

    HINEW is a professional fuse holder factory, from China;Our products are:fuse holder pcb mount,pcb fuse holder 5×20,20mm pcb fuse holder;Welcome to consult!

    Post time: Jan-15-2020
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