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    waterproof inline fuse holder,30 amp,120v,240v,12v | HINEW- H3-70

    Krótki opis:

    1、Voltage breakdown:AC3500 1minute

    2、insulation resistance: DC 500V 100MΩ M

    3、Rating:10A 300VAC

    4、Temperature tolerance:-30℃ -150 ℃

    5、Flammability class:UL94V0

    6、Standard: IEC-60335-1 GB_9364.6-2001

    7、Certification: ISO9001, ROHS,

    8、Mounting Ways:Lead type

    9、Material:Hot silicone, brass.

    10、International Approvals:CE, CQC, UL,VDE

    11、Fuse size:6*30mm Fuse

  • FOB Cena: US $ 0.5 - 9999 / sztuka
  • Min.Order Ilość: 100 sztuk Każdy /
  • Możliwość zasilania: 10000 sztuk / sztuk miesięcznie
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Warunki płatności: L / C, D / A, d / T / T
  • Szczegóły produktu

    Tagi produktów

    10 gauge inline fuse holder,120v inline fuse holder,inline blade fuse holder;Development, manufacturing, and supply to provide safe and reliable circuit protection and comprehensive services for your products.

    HINEW in line fuse holders allow maximum protection for high humidity and corrosive environments. The 20mm fuse holders are designed to be touch-safe and flexible for use in a variety of applications:all cars, washing machines, refrigerators, audio and other equipment Street lighting ,parking lot lighting,Sports lighting , various outdoor illuminated signs,Boat electrical circuits and general outdoor circuit protection.

    Features/Benefits of Inline Uchwyt bezpiecznikas

    • Variety of terminations available for flexible design

    • Reduce risk of damage to electrical components

    • In-line fuse holders with protective covers provide an environmental seal against dust, water and moisture.

    • Small, compact and neat

    • Wide variety of fuse sizes available to suit any application

    • Watertight o-ring seal,Available with watertight protection

    Waterproof inline fuse holder technical parameters

    • Product Name:Fuse Holder/fuse base
    • model:H3-70
    • Voltage breakdown:AC3500 1minute
    • insulation resistance:DC 500V 100MΩ M
    • Ocena: 10A 300VAC
    • Temperature tolerance:-30 ° C -150 ° C
    • klasa palności: UL94V0
    • Standard:IEC-60335-1 GB_9364.6-2001
    • Certification:ISO9001, ROHS,
    • Mounting Ways:Lead type
    • Material:Hot silicone, brass.
    • International Approvals:CE, CQC, UL,VDE
    • Fuse size:6*30mm Fuse
    • Okablowanie: 18 # -22 #
    • Zastosowanie: Stosuje się do wszystkich samochodów, inne urządzenia pralki, lodówki, audio i

    Fuse holder inline specifications




    inline fuse holder 30 amp

    inline fuse holder 30 amp waterproof

    how to install an inline fuse holder?

    1、Disconnect the wattage supply to the device.

    2、Cut the positive–or “hot”–wire as regarding the facility supply as potential mistreatment the wire cutting pliers.

    3、Strip 1/4-inch off every finish of the separated wires with the wire baring pliers.

    4、Strip 1/4-inch off every of the wires on the ends of the fuse holder.

    Be sure to carry every wire firm once baring to avoid stress on the fuse holder’s internal connections.

    5、Twist the top of the wire from the facility supply in either direction making a spiraling, or spiral, form.

    This helps to create the stripped ends firm for connecting.

    6、Insert the twisted wire from the facility supply into one finish of the butt-splice crimp instrumentation and crimp tightly with the crimping pliers.

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