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    pcb fuse holder 5×20,30A 300VAC,-20℃ -150 ℃ | HINEW-H3-67

    Кратак опис:

    Fuse Holders 5 x 20mm


    Similar to fast-acting, this fuse blows very quickly when overloaded.


    Similar to time-delay, the fuse allows the overload to exist briefly before blowing.

    Low-breaking capacity

    A minimal ability of the fuse to remain physically intact when overloaded. A low-breaking capacity fuse is readily subject to being physically destroyed if the current surge is great enough.

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    ознаке производа

    1.Product Name:Фусе Холдер /20mm pcb fuse holder


    3.Voltage breakdown:AC2500 1minute 

    4.инсулатион отпор ДЦ 500В 100МΩ Мин

    5.Rating:30A 300VAC

    6.Temperature tolerance:-20° C -150° C

    7. Класа запаљивости: УЛ94В0

    8.Standard:IEC-60335-1 GB_9364.6-2001

    9.Certification:ISO9001, ROHS,

    10.Mounting Ways:PCB Mount

    11.Material:Hot Silicone PBT, Brass

    12.International Approvals:CE, CQC, UL,VDE

    13.Fuse size:5*20mm Fuse

    14.Апплицатион: Погодан за уградњу Цирцуит Боард свих електронских уређаја, напајања и друге опреме




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