Portafusibles en línea de 30 amperios, 10x38 mm, 250 V, H3-7B | HINEW - China Huizhou Hinew Electric

Portafusibles en línea de 30 amperios, 10x38 mm, 250 V, H3-7B | HINEW

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The inline fuse holder from HINEW is designed to hold a 10x38mm fuse.With the help of a robust screw locking mechanism, the enclosed fuse holder is more secure and reliable.Inline fuse seats make it easy to inspect or replace damaged or blown fuses;Widely used in electrical and electronic applications.

  • 500-4999 Piezas:
  • 5000 - 9999 Piezas:
  • > = 10000 Piezas:
  • Detalles de empaquetado: embalaje estándar: bolsas de 1000 piezas / cajas de 5000 piezas
  • Plazo de Est. Tiempo (días): 5-15 y a negociar
  • Capacidad de la fuente: Cartón / Cartones por día Suministro suficiente, en stock
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    Características electricas Valor
    Nombre de la marca HINEW
    Modelo H3-7B
    Tipo Portafusibles en línea 30a
    Corriente nominal 30A
    Voltaje nominal: 250V
    Tamaño del fusible: 10x38mm
    Material Resina fenórica
    Color Negro

    Portafusibles en línea de 30 amperios H3-7B Hoja de datos

    People also ask

    How many appliances can a 30 - ampere fuse support?

    Civilian USES electricity is 220V, calculate the power that the fuse of 30A can bear by this is 6600W, add the power of household electric appliance calculates together, do not exceed 6600W, should have no problem.

    How thick is the fuse for a 30 AMP current?

    The selection fuse is generally between 1.5 and 2.5 times, to be determined according to the special circumstances of the load, such as the motor start current is large on the selection of a larger point.

    Can a 70 amp fuse be replaced with a 30 amp fuse?

    Answer 1: No, the parameters differ too much. Under normal circumstances, the insurance will burn up after overload, but the 70A will not necessarily be used, and there are serious safety risks.

    Answer 2: Lost the function of the fuse.It would break after 30 amperes, but if we switched to 70 amperes, it wouldn't break, and it wouldn't make sense

    How about amperes for household fuses?

    Answer 1: you so much electric equipment is impossible to use together, and the time that electromagnetism kitchen USES is not long, you press electromagnetism kitchen 3000W to calculate good, the current when the highest grade is 13.7A, with 15A good.

    Answer 2:1 building said although true, but in real life du fuse choice must be greater than the calculation results, zhi if just equal to the results of the calculation, with the full open electrical appliances, it is very easy to blow out the fuse, many electrical appliances in just opened the moment will be much bigger than usual current!Accordingly go up in the choice of domestic expenses fuse, want bigger than the result of computation 0.5 to 1 times advisable!Choose a 30 - to 40-amp fuse like your home.

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