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    Automobile fuse holder (fuse) features and options

    In the design of automobile electrical system, people often only pay attention to the design of various electrical functions, but ignore the protection of electrical appliances.For the protection of electrical appliances on the car, usually choose the automobile fuse holder (fuse).Fuses are in fact we are familiar with the fuse, the following we in the form of a question and answer on the automobile fuses more in-depth understanding and research.


    fuse block holder

    Q: what is a car insert fuse holder?

    Answer: car fuse seat also known as insert fuse seat, used to install in the car fuse base;

    Generally, it consists of two parts:

    1. The seat on which the fuse or safety piece is fixed is provided with lead wire or connecting wire.

    2. Fuse or fuse tube or fuse piece is also called melt.

    Q: what type of melt is used in automobile fuses

    Answer: rated fuse current below 50A, old-fashioned design USES fuse tube type more, for the most part glass tube type, two ends cover a cap for metal, the middle is equipped with copper wire or tin copper wire, its thickness determines its rated working current.Commonly used size for Φ 6 x 30, 5 x 20 Φ, rated current plate type USES mostly over 50 a.

    At present, there are mainly plug-in type and flat plate type.

    1, inserting disk: by engineering plastic (PVC) is commonly used to protect the object embedded structure made of metal melt, melt generally made by zinc or Cu, with two pins, insert can be connected to the circuit, after inserting disk fuse link according to the size can be divided into Japanese type, European, eastern Europe, the United States (countries) are commonly used for Japanese type, type, of China inserting disk generally rated current of 2 a – 40 a.

    2. Plate type: it is composed of base, upper cover and fuse plate.Base commonly used phenolic resin (bakelite) pressing, cover commonly used transparent PC manufacturing.Rated current less than 80A is also useful for ABS cover.

    The fuses are generally made of Zn or Cu. The advanced fuses are made of Cu gold plating to reduce contact resistance and prevent oxidation, and to thicken bakelite or ceramic protectors in the working area.The rated working current of plate type is generally 10a-500a.

    Q: how about the car fuse rated working current color symbol?Fuse color chart

    A: the specification of working current on the top of the cartridge protector shell is as follows: 2A gray, 3A purple, 4A pink, 5A orange, 7.5a coffee, 10A red, 15A blue, 20A yellow, 25A colorless transparent, 30A green and 40A deep orange depending on the manufacturer.Maybe a slight adjustment.

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    Post time: Oct-18-2019
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