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    PCB board mounting fuse holder

    PCB board mounting fuse holder

      PCB fuse holder or fuse holder pcb mount provide the installation hardware for a fuse. They are used in circuits to contain, protect and mount fuses. With a pcb mount fuse holder, your fuse is protected and you can easily change it if required.

      The current of the PCB fuse holder is: 10A, 15A;Product sizes are 5×20, 6×30, 10×38, automotive blade fuses, bolt fuses with glass tubes, ceramic tubes, quick-acting fuses, slow-break fuses;

      We can produce: fuse holders with 6*30 fuses; fuse holders with 5*20 fuses; fuse holders with 10*38 fuses; fuse holders with automotive insert fuses; fuse holders with bolt fuses; We can also design and produce products according to customer requirements, and can also accept OEM production from customers;

      PCB mounts come in two basic types, open or fully enclosed. blade fuse holder pcb mount,pcb fuse holder 5×20,20mm pcb fuse holder;The products are all ROSH materials; and have passed CE, CQC and other international certifications.

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