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    Automobile fuse holder is also called insert fuse holder

    Automobile fuse holder, also known as insert fuse seat metal oxide ceramic fuse is usually chosen as the first line of defense against transient pass-occurs at an ac power supply voltage.


    200a fuse holder

    As a clamping device much of the energy of the transient voltage itself is dissipated in the ceramic material that constitutes the movement.Therefore, the selection process of a piece of music requires some knowledge of the expected transient aspects of the existing energy and inrush currents.

    Generally speaking, as the transition energy increase, the body larger sports need high energy.At the same time, designers of products such as protective devices, uninterruptible power supply systems or ac protective devices may face physical limitations of California space or other three-dimensional form factors.

    One way to solve this problem is to compare the size, use a single, and large film that USES the same rating as the (parallel) small ceramic fuse.

    An extreme example and a normally distributed voltage in a batch is generally stricter.One of the electrical measurement statistics shows that the coefficient variation (standard deviation calculation divided by average) is the largest in the low measured current.

    At high current should be greater than indicated at low current, it is the actual measurement of akane.But this trend is statistically and not necessarily held for every device.Therefore, even a perfect match at low current is no guarantee of perfect match.Showing different degrees of impact matching, the current matching degree of all ceramic fuses from the same batch is measured by one and simulates a series of currents.Simulation is used in meter model verification.

    The model is an average protection characteristic with a nominal voltage that can be adjusted on behalf of any actual device.However, by adjusting the direct proportion of the amps across the whole of China the model does not show different coefficients of variation at different currents as shown.

    The measured and simulated values are shown in good agreement that does not meet the requirements in the lower current is particularly bad with the high voltage part only carried out by 43% of its partner.The differential matching of the burden of the ceramic fuse with nitrogen is mounted on the low voltage device.Represents the data of the matching device at one percent.The degree here is good, but only by close matching.

    But with an imperfect interpretation of possible measurement errors and an imperfect combination of matching partial characteristic curves, the degree of matching of fuses in each case improves.Automobile fuse holder this type is automobile fuse holder, automobile fuse holder, also called insert piece fuse holder, the foot is longer.

    China HINEW fuse holder factory was founded in 2000, is the most large-scale domestic fuse box, safety tube block, fuse base manufacturers and famous brands.Engaged in the production and wholesale of fuse block for more than 17 years, the products have won a number of national patents, quality assurance!

    Post time: Oct-18-2019
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