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    Fuse holder dry goods knowledge | hinew

    Fuse holder classification:

      The fuse holders can be divided into: panel mounting fuse holders, PCB mounting fuse holders, leaded fuse holders and automotive fuse holders;

      Panel mounted fuse holder (used in electrical equipment, such as power amplifiers, DVDs, speakers and other electrical equipment);

      Leaded fuse holders (used for connection of small appliances and industrial machinery harnesses);

      PCB fuse holder (used on small appliance control board) and fuse clip (used on small appliance control board)

       Fuse holder common international certification:

      There are many authoritative testing and accreditation bodies in the world:

      1. UL certification of American Underwriters Laboratories

      2. CSA certification of the Canadian Standards Association

      3. MTTI certification by the Ministry of International and Trade Industry of Japan

      4. ICE certification of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

     The choice of fuse involves the following factors:

      1. Normal operating current.

      2. The applied voltage applied to the fuse.

      3. An abnormal current that requires the fuse to be disconnected.

      4. The shortest and longest time allowed for abnormal currents to exist.

      5. The ambient temperature of the fuse.

      6. Pulse, inrush current, inrush current, starting current and circuit transients.

      7. Is there a special requirement that exceeds the fuse specification? 8. Size limitations of the mounting structure.

      9. The required certification body.

      10. Fuse holder: fuse clip, mounting box, panel mounting, etc.

    Conventional materials used in the production of fuse holders

      1. Bakelite: It has high mechanical strength insulation, temperature resistance and fire resistance.

      The most used at present is the switch, the machine case.

      Bakelite also has the nickname of insulation, and his formation is mainly made by pressing the bakelite additive.

      This material is used in the fuse holders produced by manatee.

      2. Nylon: Nylon 66 has higher fatigue strength and steel property, better heat resistance, low friction coefficient and good wear resistance, but has large hygroscopicity and insufficient dimensional stability.

      Usually used for medium loads, using wear-resistant force transmission parts with temperatures <100-120 degrees without lubrication or less lubrication.

      Nylon 66 is polyhexamethylene adipamide, industrially referred to as PA66.

      The common features of various polyamides are flame resistance, high tensile strength (up to 104 kPa), wear resistance and good electrical insulation.

       3. PBT: milky white translucent to opaque, crystalline thermoplastic polyester resin prepared by a mixing process.

      Together with PET is collectively referred to as thermoplastic polyester, or saturated polyester.

      Our fuse box products have obtained UL, VDE, CQC, CE, 3C and other safety and SGS environmental certifications. If you like us, please contact us now! Click here

    Post time: Mar-25-2019
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