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    Fuse holder installation method | HINEW

    We often use a variety of fuse holders in our daily life, and the installation methods are various. Below we summarize the most common installation methods of pcb fuse holder, inline fuse holders, panel mount fuse holders, etc.

    The fuse holder panel mount is different from other fuse holders. The panel mount requires screw threads for fixing and also requires soldering terminals. The fuse can be installed after the fuse holder is fixed. The head of a general panel-mounted fuse holder can be roughly spiraled, and some parts need to be unscrewed by a screwdriver to install the fuse.


    panel mount fuse holder waterproof


    30 amp panel mount fuse holder


    5x20mm fuse holder panel mount

    PCB fuse holders are mostly used on small appliance control boards. This fuse holder usually has pins and each pin has a different length. This requires the designer to consider the hole distance of the pin while designing the board. The conventional PCB fuse holder hole distance is roughly divided into two types, generally 22 or 15. Installing the PCB board fuse holder is very simple. It is usually inserted directly and then soldered for use. There is no trick to say about this.


    fuse holder pcb mount


    pcb mount fuse holder


    pcb blade fuse holder

    Inline fuse holders are lined, this type of fuse holder is generally used for power lines, audio and other small appliances are very extensive. Because it is similar in shape to a box, it is also called a fuse box in the industry. Generally, it has two leads and one box. The two ends of the wire will connect the terminals, and a spring is added to strengthen its contact force to avoid poor contact. This fuse holder is also very simple to install because it is threaded, so unscrew the fuse holder and insert the fuse directly into it.


    fuse holder inline


    waterproof inline fuse holder


    inline blade fuse holder

    Automotive fuse holders Automotive fuse holders are commonly used in electric vehicles such as automobiles and have a wide range of uses. Car carriers are also divided into PCB boards and wired


    automotive inline fuse holder


    automotive fuse holder inline


    inline automotive fuse holder


    150 amp inline fuse holder

    How to install a valid fuse?

    We must use this seat and put the fuse on this seat in order to really improve the use of the fuse. In this form, the main purpose is to allow the fuse to take full advantage of its advantages and to play a normal role when it is necessary to protect the circuit.

    When we choose the fuse holder, we also have a lot of important points. Many people don’t know how to choose. In fact, in the process of purchasing, we should start from the following aspects, first of all our current size, if the current is too large, Then we should choose a bigger seat. If the flow ratio is small, then we buy the fuse is not too big, then the corresponding seat is not too big, this is a match, in the process of buying to really understand the value of the match. In order to take full advantage of the role of the fuse, the seat we chose is valid.

    When studying fuses, we usually look at the fuse holders by the way. Because there are some problems when people choose to buy, or when they install, because different fusions will be installed on different boards, if the boards are different, then the products we choose should be different, and the location of the installation is different, fuse holders we The choice should be different. If the installation location is relatively ordinary, then we basically do not consider anything, you can buy some more common fuse holders in the market, if the installation location is not normal, or in some special places, then maybe we should choose some special Fuse Holder.

    Fuse holders are now widely used in our lives; when selecting a product, we must choose the right product type to ensure a better installation. Welcome to contact us, the fuse holder factory from China; our consultation email:huang@hinew-cn.com

    Post time: Feb-24-2019
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