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    Fuse holder introduction classification and procurement points | HINEW

    The times are developing, and the use of fuse holders is becoming more and more indispensable in various electronic products. Before we use them, we must understand the general knowledge and procurement points of the fuse holders. Below, the HINEW waterproof fuse holder manufacturers will arrange the following information for you. 

    Fuse holder introduction

    The fuse holder refers to the seat for mounting the fuse. The fuse holder can be divided into: panel mounting fuse holder, PCB mounting fuse holderinline fuse holder and automobile fuse holder;

    Panel mounted fuse holder (used in electrical equipment, such as power amplifiers, DVDs, speakers, massage chairs and other electrical equipment);

    Leaded fuse holders (used for connection of small appliances and industrial machinery harnesses);

    PCB fuse holder (used on small appliance control board) and fuse clip (used on small appliance control board). Automotive fuse holders can be divided into leaded automotive fuse holders (on multi-purpose automotive and industrial machinery harnesses);

    Automotive fuse holders (used in automotive electronics, such as car amplifiers, car refrigerators, car DVDs, etc.) and automotive fuse clips. The fuse holder has requirements for current resistance, voltage resistance, and fire rating. Generally, it is required to pass UL CSA VDE ROHS and other safety regulations and EU certification.

    Improved structure of the fuse holder

    In particular, a fuse holder that has a display fuse condition and does not require replacement of its self-resetting fuse. It consists of the following three parts:

    1 . The first conductive body having a plurality of screw holes and the screw holes respectively connected to each other, wherein each of the screw holes is screwed into an abutting screw; and a plurality of second conductive bodies each having a screw hole and a jack connected to each other, Each screw hole is screwed into an abutting screw;

    2.a plurality of self-resetting fuses electrically connected between the first conducting body and each of the second conducting bodies; a top side fixed to the base of the first and second conducting bodies; An upper cover covering the base;

    3. A circuit board fixed to the upper cover and provided with a plurality of light-emitting components, and electrically connected to the first conductive body and each of the second conductive bodies.

    Fuse holder classification

    According to the classification of the installed fuses, it can be divided into insurance sockets and insurance seats;

    According to the size of the fuse, it can be divided into a large fuse holder, a medium fuse holder, and a small fuse holder;

    According to the material, it can be divided into plastic fuse holder and bakelite fuse holder;

    According to environmental protection points, it can be divided into environmental protection fuse holders and non-environmental fuse holders;

    According to the installation method: can be divided into lead-type fuse box and circuit board fuse holder, the instrument panel is installed with fuse holder; commonly used models are (for the applicable fuse tube size): 5 × 20mm fuse holder, 6 × 30mm fuse holder;

    The car fuse holder has (suitable for insert type): small insert fuse holder, medium insert fuse holder, large insert fuse holder.

    Fuse holder common model

    The fuse holders are required to withstand current, voltage, and fire rating. Generally, they need to pass UL CSA VDEROHS and other EU regulations. (Related reading: “Low-carbon environmental protection” little angel – fuse)

    Commonly used models are: 5*20, 6*30, 10*38, insert small medium medium large fuse, miniature fuse and other series.

    What are the precautions for purchasing a fuse holder?

    1. The salesperson can accurately determine whether the product meets his or her own needs. When purchasing a fuse holder, it is necessary to clarify relevant product information, such as model, material, specification, etc., by comparison;

    2. Focus on checking the quality information of the product. Such as the date of production, whether there is a certificate of conformity, whether there is a certificate of qualification required by the industry, whether to obtain the various approval certificates required for leaving the factory, etc., the products with these quality inspection information are worth buying and trustworthy.

    3. When the salesperson purchases the fuse holder product, it is necessary to compare the selling price of the product. There are a lot of related fuse holders on the one hundred and one hundred, and you can check the price of the related products, and you can avoid the pits and less. Take a detour.

    4. Finally, you can focus on selecting strong fuse holder manufacturers in the market (such as HINEW panel mount fuse holder manufacturers), and purchase their products. The big brands have strength and are more secure.

    The above is the common knowledge of the fuse holder. In particular, in the selection of the fuse holder, it is necessary to see what is suitable for your needs, and then there are targeted options.inline glass fuse holder,12 volt fuse holder,panel mount blade fuse holder;Quality products, competitive prices and customer service – Contact us today to meet all your overcurrent protection needs.huang@hinew-cn.com

    Post time: Feb-13-2019
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