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    How to check and replace the car fuse holder

    Automobile fuse is a kind of current fuse. When the circuit current exceeds its rated current, the fuse breaks to protect the circuit.Automobile fuses are often used for automobile electric pass-through current protection, but also for industrial equipment over current protection.There are many electrical devices connected by different colored wires in the electrical circuit of a car.


    40amp fuse holder

    In addition, the auto fuse supplier supplies fuse holder (suitable for insert type) : small insert fuse holder, medium insert fuse holder, large insert fuse holder.Above is commonly used, the choice of fuse seat should see oneself suit, basically see installation size, suit fuse tube size, shape and its performance.


    60 amp fuse holder

    How to check and replace the automobile fuse?

    In the process of using the car, if the electrical equipment does not work, it may be the fuse burned, need to timely find the car fuse supplier to replace.

    The method is:

    1. Turn off the ignition switch and open the fuse cover.

    2. Replace the fuse.


    200 amp fuse holder


    (1) need to replace the fuse according to the rated current indicated on the fuse box cover, do not use a fuse higher than the rated current.

    (2) if the new fuse is blown immediately, it indicates that the circuit system may have a fault, should be repaired as soon as possible.

    (3) in the absence of a spare fuse.In case of emergency, the fuse can be replaced on other equipment that has no impact on driving and safety.For the sake of safety, check and replace the best professional automobile fuse supplier.


    1 amp fuse holder

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    Post time: Oct-11-2019
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