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    How to replace the car fuse holder

    Automobile fuse is a kind of current fuse. When the circuit current exceeds its rated current, the fuse breaks to protect the circuit.

    The automobile fuse holder is often used for the automobile electricity passing through the current protection, also used for the industrial equipment overcurrent protection.


    40 amp fuse holder waterproof

    The conductor in the fuse is made of a metal similar to a solder.It has a lower melting point than the ordinary wire itself.The dimensions of the conductor are calibrated so precisely that at the rated current, enough heat is generated to fuse the conductor and break the circuit.Fuse has two important working parameters, one is the working voltage, the other is the rated current, the owner in the purchase or replacement should be based on the voltage and current in the circuit to choose.


    100 amp fuse holder

    In the shape of the car fuse and the ordinary home fuse is not quite the same, than the home fuse under the “mini”, and there are different colors to distinguish the size of the ampere number.

    After and fuse first, let’s talk about how to replace and check the fuse, but we first need to know where the fuse installation, general motors will have two fuse box, a near the car wheel, is mainly responsible for the normal work of the car electric appliances, such as cigarette lighter, electric seats, air bags, etc.;The other is installed in the engine compartment, responsible for the safety of the external electrical appliances, such as ECU, lights, glass water, horn, ABS and other circuits need to install fuses to protect.


    50 amp fuse holder

    As mentioned above, the fuse will fuse when the current flows through the circuit, so as to protect the circuit. That is to say, after the fuse is blown, the circuit is in the state of breaking, and the electrical appliances on the circuit cannot work normally. At this time, we need to start to replace it.And the fuse replacement is very convenient, as long as two actions “pull out” and “insert”, which is why the hero can quickly repair the car in the first place.

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    Post time: Oct-11-2019
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