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    Knowledge of use of automobile fuse holder

    Automobile fuse holder is in series in each electrical circuit, when the circuit or electrical equipment short circuit so that the current exceeds a certain limit, the line of the car fuse will be blown in the set time.Thus, the circuit is cut off to prevent the heating of the circuit and electrical equipment from burning out, which plays an insurance role.Inferior insurance won’t fuse in time, do not have insurance effect.

    Position of automobile fuse installation:

    1, all electrical appliances use insurance or protective devices.

    2, in order to facilitate user maintenance, the location of automobile fuse is generally concentrated in the central electrical box.The electrical box is usually on the right side of the dashboard or under the driver’s seat door

    3, the big insurance is generally in the battery bin, engine bin beam on the plane, some models in the battery cabin there is a big box.The air conditioner is usually in series in the power supply cable after the air conditioner generator.

    4, under special circumstances, after the warping plate switch series series type safety or near the electrical appliances series series type safety.Such as air conditioning compressor (5A), generator excitation (5A) generator neutral point (5A), air conditioning temperature control solenoid valve (5A).Normal fire before power main switch (30A) start relay (40A) after power main switch.

    5. Retarder relay box has retarder insurance, and air conditioner evaporator has air conditioner insurance box.

    6, the rest of the location of the insurance is not useful electrical name identification, but can be connected to the material number and name, determine its purpose.

    7. Fusible wire or fuse between the main switch of electromagnetic power supply and the starter. This wire is mainly used for taking iron protection for the whole car line.

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    Post time: Oct-18-2019
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