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    The structure of automobile fuse holder and its calorific value setting | HINEW

    Auto fuse holder is used to install the fuse seat, and general fuse consists of three parts: one is melt part, it is the center of the fuse, fuse block current effect, the same class, the same standard fuse melts, material to the same geometry to and, resistance small and consistent as much as possible, it is important to fusing characteristics should agree.

    The second is the electrode part, generally there are two, it is an important part of the connection between the melt and the circuit, it must have good conductivity, should not produce obvious equipment resistance;3 it is support part, the melt of fuse is tenuous and soft commonly, the effect of support is to fix melt and make 3 parts become rigid complete facilitate equipment, use, it must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardant, in use should not produce craze, deformation, combustion and the phenomenon such as the road.

    Auto fuse holder for use in the process, when current flows through a conductor, because must resistance between conductors, so the conductor will be hot fuse holder calorific value on degree must comply with the Q = 0.24 I2RT this formula, T is the time to current flows through a conductor, R is the resistance of the conductor is a constant and 0.24 Q is calorific value and so on.

    In the process of electrification, the fuse of automobile fuse seat will cause the temperature of melt to rise due to the heat of current transformation. In the process of load normal operating current or allowable overload current, the heat generated by the current and the heat emitted by the method of radiation through melt, shell and surrounding environment can gradually balance.

    The car fuse seat heat dissipation speed can not keep up with the heating speed, the heat will be gradually stored in the melt, melt temperature rise, once the temperature reaches the melting point and more melt material will make it liquefaction or vaporization, and then disconnect the current, to the circuit and human safety maintenance effect.

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    Post time: Jan-08-2020
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