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    What are the classifications of inline fuse holder | HIMEW

    Inline fuse holders are a simple device;
    When the power load exceeds the safety level of the electronic components,
    They provide a housing for the fuse as a safety device in the wiring circuit

    What are the classifications of inline fuse holder?

    The inline fuse holder is usually used on the wiring harness of a car, and is easy to install and easy to disassemble.

    So what is the main classification of the car inline fuse holder?

    1, According to the way of installing fuses: fuse box or fuse tube box;


    120v inline fuse holder

    2, The size of the fuse: large fuse box, medium fuse box and small fuse box;


    inline blade fuse holder

    3, Material: bakelite fuse box and plastic fuse box;


    20 amp inline fuse holder

    4, Rosh:environmental fuse box and non-environmental fuse box;


    30 amp inline fuse holder

    5. Finally, it is classified according to the way of installation. Basically, it can be divided into three types:

    1.  panel mounted fuse box;
    2.  pcb fuse box;
    3.  inline fuse box;


    40 amp inline fuse holder

    Waterproof inline fuse holder of features and Benefits

    • Reduce risk of damage to electrical components
    • Fully enclosed plastic casing
    • Small, compact and neat
    • Wide variety of fuse sizes available to suit any application
    • Available with watertight protection


    automotive inline fuse holder

    Inline fuse holder waterproof of use

    • Lighting
    • Illuminated signs
    • Vehicle electrical circuits
    • general outdoor circuit protection\


    waterproof inline fuse holder

    HINEW fuse holder is a Chinese manufacturing factory. We specialize in research and development of fuse holders for 20 years.

    We can provide inline blade fuse holder, inline glass fuse holder and automotive inline fuse holder ;

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    Post time: Mar-01-2019
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