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    What is the size of a conventional automobile fuse holder

    This paper is mainly about the introduction of automobile fuse seat, and focuses on the size of automobile fuse holder and its size in detail.

    Car fuse holder

    Automobile fuse seat is to install automobile fuse seat, automobile fuse seat can be divided into: panel installation automobile fuse seat;Lead type automobile fuse holder;Car fuse holder.

    The panel mounted automobile fuse seat is mainly used in the automobile electrical appliances, such as the automobile power amplifier, the automobile audio box, the automobile DVD and so on.

    Fuse seat refers to the seat used to install a fuse

    Fuse seat categories can be divided into: panel installed fuse seat, PCB installed fuse seat, lead type fuse seat and auto fuse seat;

    The panel is installed with fuse holder (mainly used for electrical equipment, such as power amplifier, DVD, speaker, massage chair and other electrical equipment);

    Lead type fuse holder (mainly used for connecting small household appliances and industrial machinery wiring harness);

    PCB fuse holder (mostly used on small appliance control board) and fuse holder (mostly used on small appliance control board).

    Automobile fuse seat can be divided into lead type automobile fuse seat (multi-purpose automobile and industrial machinery wire harness);The panel is equipped with the automobile fuse holder (mainly used in automobile electrical appliances, such as automobile amplifier, automobile refrigerator, automobile DVD, etc.) and the automobile fuse holder.

    Fuse holders are required to withstand current, voltage, and fire rating, generally through UL CSA VDE ROHS and other safety regulations and eu certification.

    According to the classification of the installation fuse, can be divided into the safety tube seat and the safety piece seat

    By fuse size, can be divided into large fuse seat, the middle fuse seat, small fuse seat

    According to the material, can be divided into plastic fuse seat, bakelite fuse seat

    According to environmental protection points, can be divided into environmental protection fuse seat, non - environmental protection fuse seat

    By means of installation: can be divided into lead type fuse box and circuit plate type fuse seat, instrument panel installation fuse seat

    Commonly used models are (for applicable fuse tube size) : 5×20mm fuse holder, 6×30mm fuse holder;

    The automobile fuse seat has (suits inserts the piece model) : the trumpet inserts the piece fuse seat, the medium inserts the piece fuse seat, the large inserts the piece fuse seat.

    The above is commonly used, the choice of fuse seat should see oneself suit, basically see install size, suit fuse tube size, shape and its performance.

    Improved structure of fuse holder

    An improvement in the construction of a fuse holder, especially a fuse holder that shows the condition of the fuse and does not require the replacement of a self-repeating fuse.

    The invention comprises: a first conducting body having a plurality of screw holes connected with each other respectively;A plurality of them are provided with a screw hole and a second conducting body of a jack, which are connected with each other.

    A plurality of self-compound fuses are electrically connected between the first conducting body and each second conducting body;The top side is fixedly provided with a base of the first and second conducting bodies;An upper cover covering the base;

    And a circuit board fixed on the upper cover and provided with several luminescent components, which forms an electrical connection with the first conducting body and each second conducting body.

    What is the size of a conventional car fuse holder

    Car fuses from 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5a-40a can be produced in different colors.

    As you may know, car fuses come in several colors, so here are some of them.

    Car fuse different current into different colors, fuse thickness is not the same.

    Automobile fuse has two important working parameters, one is rated current;One is the rated voltage, the use of the current and voltage according to the circuit to choose the corresponding fuse.

    In the structure, the general automobile fuse USES the plug type design, the automobile fuse has the engineering plastic shell, wraps the zinc to make the melt structure, the metal melt and the pin connection.

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