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    Where is the fuse box on a Mazda 3 | HINEW

    On most Mazda 3s, the fuse box is found beneath the glovebox, within the traveler footwell. To access it, you need to disconnect the most fuse harness from all-time low, and a pair of further connecting harnesses to the left of the most one. Then, there ar two rib plastic wingnut wanting fasteners holding the fusebox up. Unscrew them till they’re loose, however they’re going to keep in. The fuse box ought to swing down, and you’ll access it. For a additional careful clarification, see the subsequent YouTube video.

     Mazda 3 Cabin air filter replacement (fuse box location)

    Mazda 3 BK – Fuse box

    how to replace blown fuses in the interior fuse box of your 2014 Mazda 3 

    Electrical parts like your map lightweight, radio, heated seats, high beams, power windows all have fuses and if they suddenly shut down, likelihood is you have got a fuse that has blown out. If your three is experiencing electrical issues, you ought to forever check the fuses initial, as a result of they’re comparatively straightforward to envision and low-cost to alter. Some Mazdas have multiple interior fuse boxes together with within the trunk – the video on top of can show you wherever the inside fuse box of your 2014 three is found. If your three has several choices sort of a roof, navigation, heated seats, etc, the additional fuses it’s. Some parts could have multiple fuses, thus ensure you check all of the fuses that square measure coupled to the part in question.

    If you wish to exchange a blown fuse in your three, ensure you replace it with one that has constant electrical phenomenon because the blown fuse. If checking and substitution the fuse for the part in question does not work, we have a tendency to advocate seeking help from a sure skilled mechanic. they must be able to work out if the part has to get replaced or if there’s a brief or another downside along with your three.

    Mazda 3 Owners Manual: Fuse Panel Description

    Fuse blocks (Engine compartment)


    *1 With xenon fusion headlights *2 With halogen headlights

    car fuse boxes (Left side)


    Fuse Replacement

    Replacing the fuses on the vehicle’s left facet

    If the electrical system doesn’t work, 1st examine the fuses on the vehicle’s left facet.
    1、Make positive the ignition is transitioned, and alternative switches square measure off.
    2、Open the fuse panel cowl.
    3、Pull the fuse straight out with the fuse puller provided on the fuse block situated within the engine compartment.
    4、Inspect the fuse and replace it if it’s blown.
    5、Insert a replacement fuse of constant electrical phenomenon rating, and certify it fits tightly. If it doesn’t worktightly, have Associate in Nursing professional install it. we tend to advocate a certified Mazda Dealer.
    If you’ve got no spare fuses, borrow one among constant rating from a circuit not essential to vehicle operation, like the AUDIO or OUTLET circuit
    CAUTION invariably replace a fuse with a real Mazda fuse or equivalent of constant rating. Otherwise you willinjury the electrical system.
    6、Reinstall the quilt and certify that it’s firmly put in.

    Replacing the fuses beneath the hood

    If the headlights or alternative electrical elements don’t work and also the fuses within the cabin square measuretraditional, examine the fuse block beneath the hood. If a fuse is blown, it should get replaced. Follow these steps:
    1、Make positive the ignition is transitioned, and alternative switches square measure off.
    2、Remove the fuse block cowl.
    3、If any fuse however the most fuse is blown, replace it with a replacement one among constant electrical phenomenon rating .
    WARNING don’t replace the most fuse and multiplex slow blow fuse by yourself.
    Have a certified Mazda Dealer perform the replacement: commutation these fuses by yourself is dangerous as a result of they’re high current fuses. Incorrect replacement might cause Associate in Nursing inborn reflex or a briefcircuit leading to a fi re.
    4、Reinstall the quilt and certify that it’s firmly put in.

    How Fuses Work

    The main job of the fuse is to guard the wiring. Fuses ought to be sized and settled to guard the wire they’re connected to. If a tool like your automobile radio suddenly attracts enough current to blow the fuse, the radio is perhaps already toast. The fuse is there to guard the wire, which might be abundant tougher to interchange than the radio.

    Most cars have 2 fuse panels. The one within the engine compartment holds the fuses for devices just like the cooling fans, the anti-lock brake pump and also the engine management unit — all of that area unit settled within the engine compartment. Another fuse panel, typically settled within the dashboard close to the driver’s knees, holds fuses for the devices and switches settled within the rider compartment.

    Fuses area unit very simply a special variety of wire in an exceedingly self-contained connective. Most automotive fuses these days have 2 blade connectors and a plastic housing that contains the conductor. There {are also|also area unit|are} some fuses that are within the wiring of the automobile, known as liquified links.

    The conductor within the fuse is formed of a metal the same as solder. it’s a lower temperature than the wire itself. the scale of the conductor is label terribly rigorously in order that once the rated current is reached, enough heat is generated to soften the conductor then break the circuit.

    When a fuse is blown, it should get replaced before the circuit can work. A blown fuse should get replaced with a fuse of identical electrical phenomenon.





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