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For a brief analysis of the car fuse holder, follow the fuse holder manufacturer,Hinew Electric.

In fact, we can easily see from the name of the car fuse seat, the car fuse seat is actually used to hold a car fuse.Although it is actually strictly related to what we call a fuse box, and can be interpreted as a fuse holder, it actually does the same thing as a fuse box.

Compared with other types of fuse holder, there will be a lot of series of products, in general, our common classification of car fuse holder actually has three forms: the first is the lead type of car fuse holder;The second is the panel type automobile fuse seat;The third is a car fuse clip.

Below, we will briefly introduce and analyze the three kinds of automobile fuse holder:

Lead type automobile fuse

For the lead car fuse holder in the car fuse holder, in most cases, it is designed for car wiring harness.But everything is relative and it's not just a matter of talking about it.At this time, we should also consider its related parameters, such as rated current, rated voltage and so on.

An automobile fuse holder in the form of an automobile fuse clip

For the automobile fuse holder in the form of the automobile fuse holder, we can roughly understand the advantages of this kind of automobile fuse holder from the name.Of course, it is convenient to disassemble, and it is widely used in the car line, but we also need to pay attention to the fact that the car insurance seat clip will of course be applied to the fuse.

Panel mounted automobile fuse holder

As for the car fuse holder, we need to know that it has a wide range of uses in some parts and electrical appliances on the car, for example, we can see the car speakers, as well as what we call amplifiers and so on.

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Post time: Feb-20-2021