Classification and main requirements of fuse holder

What are the classification and main requirements of fuse holder?China fuse block factory for your introduction:

Fuse blocks according to the classification of the fuse installation, can be divided into insurance header and piece of seat, the fuse size, can be divided into large fuse blocks, medium fuse blocks, small fuse blocks, according to the material, can be divided into plastic fuse holder, bakelite fuse blocks, according to the environmental protection, can be divided into environmental protection fuse holder, not environmental protection fuse holder.

According to the installation points: can be divided into lead fuse box and circuit board type fuse holder, instrument panel installation fuse holder, commonly used models have (for the applicable fuse tube size) : 5 x 20 mm fuse, 6 x 30 mm fuse, auto fuse with (for insert type) : a small insert fuse holder, medium insert fuse blocks, large insert fuse blocks.

panel mount fuse holder waterproof

Fuse seat in social life and production of the application is more extensive, in the market, a variety of fuse seat have, we should choose according to actual demand.

1, according to the classification of the installation of the fuse, there are safety tube seat and seat, according to the size of the fuse and there are three specifications of the fuse seat.

2, according to the material to divide, plastic, bakelite two materials.

3, according to the environmental protection or not, can be divided into environmental protection, non-environmental protection fuse seat.

4, according to the installation method, fuse box, circuit board, instrument panel installation fuse seat.

An improved construction of a fuse holder, especially one having a fuse holder that indicates the condition of the fuse and does not require the replacement of its self-compound fuse.The utility model comprises a conducting body having a plurality of screw holes communicated with each other respectively, each of which is inserted into a contact screw.A plurality of a second guide body having a screw hole and a jack communicated with each other, and a contact screw is inserted into each screw hole;Several self-compound fuses connected by electrical connections between the one conducting body and each second conducting body;The top side is fixedly provided with a base of the one or two conducting bodies;An upper cover covering the base;And a circuit board fixedly arranged on the upper cover and arranged with several luminous components, which forms an electrical connection with the conducting body and each second conducting body.

inline mini fuse holder

Fuse seat can be divided into: panel installation fuse seat, PCB installation fuse seat, lead fuse seat and automobile fuse seat;Fuses are installed on the panel (for electrical equipment, such as amplifier, DVD, speaker, massage chair, etc.);Lead fuse holder (used for connecting small appliances and wiring harnesses of industrial machinery);PCB fuse holder (used in small appliance control board) and fuse holder (used in small appliance control board).

Automobile fuse seat can be divided into lead type automobile fuse seat (multi-purpose automobile and industrial machinery wiring harness);The panel installs the automobile fuse holder (USES in the automobile electric appliance, such as automobile power amplifier, automobile refrigerator, automobile DVD, etc.) and the automobile fuse clip.Fuses are designed to withstand current, voltage, and fire rating. They generally require UL CSA VDE ROHS safety regulations and eu certification.

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Post time: Nov-11-2019