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What is a fuse box?What are the specific categories?Let’s follow the fuse box manufacturer to learn more:

Definition of fuse box

Fuse box refers to the box to install fuse (also known as fuse seat), easy to install fuse, part of the waterproof, fire, high temperature resistance and other performance characteristics (according to the different material and shape).

Fuse box can be divided into lead fuse box, car fuse box.Fuse box general injection materials: plastic, nylon, bakelwood, PBT engineering plastics.The high temperature resistance varies with each material.

In the selection of fuse box process, should take into account the use of the current size of the fuse, the size of the fuse, the larger the fuse current, so in the fuse box with the wire is to choose a larger size wire, otherwise it will lead to fuse box and wire heating, causing a fire.

Classification of fuse boxes

According to the classification of installation fuse, it can be divided into insurance tube box and insurance piece box

According to the size of the fuse, can be divided into large fuse box, medium fuse box, small fuse box

According to the material, can be divided into plastic fuse box, bakelwood fuse box

Press environmental protection cent, can divide into environmental protection fuse box, non-environmental protection fuse box

According to the way of installation: can be divided into wire fuse box and circuit board fuse box, panel mount fuse holder

The fuse boxes of the lead type are: 5×20mm fuse boxes, 6×30mm fuse boxes, 10x38mm fuse boxes (suitable for fuse tube size).

Auto fuse box (suitable for the size of fuse) : small fuse box, medium fuse box, large fuse box.

The selection of fuse box mainly depends on its size, and then to see whether its fire rating can meet the requirements and suitable for the size of fuse tube and current (A), general large current (generally 15A above called as large current) suitable for 6×30mm fuse box, medium insert fuse box, wire need 16AWG(1.5 square) above.

Above is the definition and classification of fuse box, I hope you will like;We are a professional fuse box factory, welcome samples!

Post time: Nov-20-2020