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Want to know the definition and use of car fuse holder?So Hinew professional car fuse seat manufacturers to tell you.

The car fuse seat refers to the seat device of the car fuse seat, the car fuse seat can be divided into: panel device car fuse seat;Lead type automobile fuse holder;A car fuse clip.Panel device car fuse holder is mostly used in car electrical appliances, such as car amplifier, car speaker, car DVD, etc.

There are a lot of electrical equipment in the automobile circuit is connected by different colors of wires, which should not be ignored is the fuse.The fuse is called the fuse, IEC127 standard defines it as "fuse", it is a kind of installed in the circuit, the circuit safe operation of electrical components.

The function of the fuse is: when the circuit fault or abnormality, with the continuous rise of the current.And the increased current may damage some important components in the circuit, may also burn the circuit or even cause a fire.If the fuse was placed correctly in the circuit, the fuse will be abnormal in the current rise to a certain height and when, its fusing to cut off the current, thereby having the effect that protects the circuit to run safely.

Fuse structure a general fuse is composed of three parts:

The first is the melt part, which is the core of the fuse and acts to cut off the current when the fuse is broken.The resistance value of the same type and the same specification fuse should be as small as possible and consistent, among which the more important is that the fuse characteristics should be consistent;

The second is the electrode part, usually there are two, is an important part of the solution and the circuit connection, it must have good conductivity, should not produce obvious installation contact resistance;

Three is the bracket part, the role of the bracket is to fix the melt and three parts into a rigid whole for easy installation, use, it must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance, flame retardant, in use should not produce fracture, deformation, combustion and short circuit and other phenomena.

The above is the definition and use of the car fuse seat, I hope this article can be of some help to you.We are a professional fuse holder supplier from China - Huizhou Hinew Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Welcome to consult!

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