How do car fuse blocks work?

How does a car fuse blocks work?Following the fuse holder supplier to understand:


What is a car fuse?

A fuse is what we are used to calling it, and its official name is “fuse”.The purpose of a car fuse is similar to that of a home fuse, which ACTS as a protective barrier when the circuit current is abnormal and exceeds its rated current.Automobile fuse can be divided into two types: fast fuse and slow fuse.

Common car fuses are high current fuse and low current fuse.Generally easier to access to the low – current fuse.

Medium and low current insurance can be roughly divided into chip type fuse (including automatic fuse box mini fuse), insert type fuse, screw type fuse, tube type fuse box plate type fuse.Among them, we can contact the medium ATO or small fast fuse type.Chip fuse can carry small current, short time pulse current, such as headlamp circuit, back glass defrosting.

International standards for the color of automobile fuse: 2A gray, 3A purple, 4A pink, 5A orange, 7.5A coffee, 10A red, 15A blue, 20A yellow, 25A transparent colorless, 30A green and 40A deep orange.Depending on the color, different amperes can be clearly distinguished.

The conductor in a chip fuse is made of a metal similar to solder and has a lower melting point than the ordinary conductor itself.The dimensions of the conductor are calibrated with such precision that when the rated current is reached, enough heat is generated to fuse the conductor and disconnect the circuit.Fuse has two important working parameters, one is the working voltage, the other is the rated current, the owner in the purchase or replacement of the voltage and current in the circuit to choose.

The location of the car fuse box

Generally there are two danger wire boxes on the car, one is responsible for the safety of the car’s external electrical appliances, such as ECU, glass water, lights, horn, ABS circuit safety protection, located in the engine compartment;The other is responsible for the normal operation of electrical appliances in the car, such as cigarette lighter, window lifting, electric seats and airbags, and is generally located on the left side of the steering wheel.For example, when I connected the ACC power cord, I had to dismantle the fuse box in the car.

Understand the car fuse box

Although the fuse box has that location is that function of the fuse sign, but the dotted signs and fuses, will let many want to DIY owners discouraged.You must understand the function of each fuse before you start.

It is not necessary to take out the fuse directly by hand.Each fuse box is equipped with tweezers to remove the fuse.Tweezers can be used at both ends, take out large and small fuses.

Replace your car fuse yourself

1. Find the location of the fuse according to different models.

Usually the fuse box is close to the battery.Fuse boxes are generally fixed with a clasp, and some advanced models will have bolts to tighten, you need to be careful to remove the box to open the fuse.

2, carefully check the legend to find the fuse.

Before taking out the fuse need to read the legend carefully, generally in the easy to take out the fuse side easier.

3. Remove the fuse with tweezers and replace it with a new one.

A spare fuse is usually provided in the fuse box and is kept away from other fuses to distinguish them.Remove the fuse with tweezers and observe if it fuses. If it fuses, replace the suitable spare fuse.

Tips and precautions for replacing car fuses

If you do not have a spare fuse, use another idle fuse top.For example the fuse of the window is broken, do not have spare fuse just now, this time, can be stereo, air conditioning this kind of idle insurance is used, premise both of the Ann number is the same as suit or than original fuse Ann number is smaller.

Add high power headlights.After the modification of the headlamp power is too large to fuse very easily, should be promptly replaced with large current fuse and power cord.To prevent the current from overheating.

Retrofit a high-powered stereo.A powerful stereo will also blow a fuse.In the installation of high-power electrical appliances, must pay attention to the use of electrical current, timely replacement of the corresponding fuse.Generally a good refit shop will pay attention to this problem.

Flush the engine compartment with water.When cleaning the engine room, because the fuse box seal is not very appropriate, remember not to flush the fuse box directly with water, which will cause the fuse short circuit, causing the vehicle electrical components failure.And most fuse boxes have an obvious no-rinse icon on them.If the fuse box is dirty, gently scrub it with a wet towel.

Cigarette lighter USES high power electrical appliances.Cigarette lighter fuses are extremely easy to fuse.General cigarette lighter USES 15-25a fuse.Because the vehicle voltage is in 12V, so the cigarette lighter connected with the electrical appliances is recommended not to exceed 300W, some small cars do not exceed 200W.As for car – mounted refrigerator, car – mounted air pump and other high – power electrical appliances or less use cigarette lighter to take electricity is better.

Under what circumstances is the car fuse blown?

Cigarette lighter, window, air conditioning, car lights and other electrical appliances alone when the strike, in the opening of its switch to hear the current or relay action sound, it can be concluded that the fuse is blown.

The vehicle can not fire, remember not to continue to fire, easy to cause the battery continues to discharge large current and loss of electricity, the current of the vehicle’s light brightness is normal, this time is likely to be responsible for starting the motor fuse out, the fuse continues to be instantaneous current too big and fuse.

The vehicle is not working with electrical appliances is the first consideration is whether the fuse fuse, and then in the next step of processing.It is important to be familiar with the fuse position of the vehicle.


The drivers of the old days were not only good at driving, but also good at fixing cars, which were prone to problems in the old days (see north Korea now).Cars are now highly electrified, with small fuses and computer chips controlling the vehicle’s oil circuits.Many problems can be solved by replacing the fuse. Replacing the fuse is not a very difficult thing, even easier than replacing the spare tire.Read the fuse can greatly reduce unnecessary trouble and waste of money, so the owners should know their car’s fuse and will replace it.

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Post time: Apr-14-2020