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Below, Hinew professional car fuse holder manufacturer to tell you, how to accurately operate the car fuse holder running device.

The operating device of an automobile fuse holder

In the process of use, the car fuse holder needs to pay attention to the use of the environment, in the process of use, because of the installation of operating equipment, the operating environment is not perfect.As a result, dust can easily get into the car fuse holder.This will go directly into its fuse contact and then into the fuse.Thus affect the use state of the circuit protection, so that the operation effect of the equipment is poor.

If the working environment of the car fuse seat is not good enough, coupled with its operating device, it is easy to fly into the car fuse seat.And then it goes into the contact end, and then it flies into the fuse.Interference with the use of the circuit protection, the operation effect will be relatively poor, and even a short circuit in the case of return.

Accuracy of operation of automobile fuse holder

Attention should be paid to the accuracy of the operation of the automobile fuse holder in the use process.The product should not contact with any metal object when contacting the terminal, otherwise it is very likely to be attached to other metal elements.Make the electrical Louie short circuit phenomenon, running out of the same effect by interference.Therefore, it is necessary to require operating procedures.

In the process of use, the car fuse seat can not be replaced at will two auxiliary parts.All kinds of auxiliary parts on top of a car fuse holder are useful.In the process of use, do not replace the replacement parts or disassemble.

As the first pass of the circuit, the automobile fuse holder has important significance.Its stability directly affects the performance of the whole circuit.* Bad shutdown control.

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Post time: Mar-26-2021