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What are the points for attention in the process of using the car fuse holder? Hinew car fuse holder supplier explains for you.

Car fuse holder is a kind of current fuse, in use when the circuit current abnormal beyond its rated current when the fuse to the electricity.The role of road protection.

There will be a lot of electric equipment connected by the wire of different color in the car circuit of the car with the fuse seat, which cannot be ignored is the fuse,car fuse holder suppliers supply fuse seat: small insert insert fuse seat, medium insert insert insert fuse seat, large insert insert insert fuse seat.The above is commonly used, the selection of fuse seat should look at their own appropriate, mainly look at the size of equipment, appropriate fuse tube size, shape and its work to use.

In the process of car use, if any electrical equipment does not work, it may be caused by fuse burning, so it is necessary to find the car fuse supplier to replace it in time.

The replacement method is:

1. Close the incineration switch and open the fuse box cover.

2. Replace the fuse.


1. Replace the fuse according to the rated current value indicated on the cover of the fuse box. Do not use the fuse that is higher than the rated current.

If the new fuse blows out again immediately, it means that there may be a defect in the circuit system and it should be repaired quickly.

3. In case of no backup fuse.In an emergency, you can replace fuses on other equipment that have no impact on driving and safety.

For safety, car fuse inspection and replacement should find a professional car fuse supplier.The car fuse holder generally we generally say the fuse current (marked current) refers to the rated current of the fuse, but also says that in the current operation of the fuse can be continuous operation for more than 4 hours will not fuse.The marked current of the car fuse holder is also the rated current of the fuse holder in the normal operation environment, and it is also the fuse that can be installed no more than the marked current of the fuse holder.

The above is the use of car fuse seat in the process of attention, we Hinew International Company Limited. is a professional manufacturer of insurance seat, you are welcome to consult!

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Post time: Jan-19-2021