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Automobile fuse seat is generally used in dry cars and other electric vehicles, and has a wide range of uses. So how is the car fuse seat fixed? What is the temperature requirement? Let's follow the PCB fuse holder manufacturer to find out.

Fixing of automobile fuse seat

Automobile fuse seat is also divided into PCB board and wired type. The PCB board is used less, so the next wire type, wire type and fuse seat are similar, and the installation is also very simple. Car fuse seats can be divided into three sizes. The regular use is medium, and their installation is very similar.

After the panel is installed and fixed, we can purchase the fuse holder according to the size of the hole. Unlike other fuse holders, the panel installation requires screws to fix and welding terminals at the same time. Fuses can be installed after the fuse holder is fixed.

In general, the head of the fuse seat installed on the panel can be roughly divided into spirals, and some of them need to be screwed open with the help of a screwdriver to reinstall the fuse. This is generally divided into one-word fuse seat and crosshead fuse seat, these two fuse seats are widely used.

Car fuses and fuses for daily use is the same reason, but also to protect the normal operation of automotive appliances, to prevent the emergence of off-sound cars will self-ignite. The fuses on the car are basically plug-in fuses, which are quite convenient to use and replace.

However, we should also pay attention to the current size of the car fuse, and can not be changed casually. Take now more commonly used insert fuse and official, it uses a plug-and-pull structure, the shell is made of plastic, the color is relatively rich. What needs to be paid attention to is its color. Different colors correspond to different amperes.

Application and temperature requirements of automobile current fuse holder

When the automobile fuse seat is used, it mainly refers to the seat which is installed in the automobile fuse, and its products can be usefully divided into panel device automobile fuse seat, lead type automobile fuse seat and automobile fuse clip. Panel installation car fuse seat is commonly used in dry car appliances, such as car power amplifier, car speaker, car DVD and so on.

In the process of using the automobile fuse seat, the fuse can accept the overload which must be planned when the power supply or its external annoying current fluctuates to a certain extent. when there is a relatively large overload current in the circuit of the car fuse seat, the fuse should intercept the overload current within a fixed time.

The automobile fuse holder can maintain the safety of other electronic components in the circuit to a certain extent, when the short circuit in the circuit presents a large current. Its fuse can safely block its application road, which will protect them from damage caused by overcurrent.

The fuse in the automobile fuse seat can be used under the voltage of equal dry or small dry its rated voltage, but generally can not be used in the application road of the circuit voltage and the rated voltage of the fuse, the application voltage drop in the equipment, the fuse is in the general quota to apply for the flow.

The holding balance of the fuse holder, that is, the voltage at both ends measured when the temperature is stable and the voltage drop at both ends of the fuse will have a certain impact on the circuit to a certain extent, so there is a clear rule for voltage drop in the rules. it is not required in the American rules. The overload current in the automobile fuse seat mainly refers to the current flowing through the circuit when there is high dry and normal operation. If the overload current can not be cut off, it may bring damage to other electronic parts in the circuit.

The above is the introduction of the operation mode and temperature requirements of the automobile fuse holder. If you want to know more about the PCB fuse holder, please feel free to contact us.

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