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    Performance analysis of automobile fuse holder

    The following Chinese fuse holder manufacturers will take you to in-depth analysis of the basic electrical characteristics of automobile fuse holder:

    1. Fusing time of auto fuse seat

    Car fuse seat does not have fast and slow fuse commonly cent, but car fuse has fast fuse and slow fuse cent, car fuse is same as other fuse, also be to accord with national standard completely;

    The standard of our country stipulates: the fusing current of fuse is 2 times of rated current.

    When the current through the fuse exceeds the rated current, the fuse does not necessarily immediately fuse, but more than, the faster the fuse;

    When the current passing through the fuse is 1.45 times the rated current, the fusing time shall not exceed 5 minutes;

    When the current passing through the fuse is twice the rated current (that is, equal to the fusing current), the fusing time should not exceed 1 minute.

    2. The maximum current when the fuse seat is blown:

    the fusing current of the fuse is 2 times of the rated current.

    3. Rated current:

    1a-150a. This is a conventional circuit, but some circuits may have higher current.

    4, rated voltage:

    ordinary circuit voltage is generally 250V, but the car fuse seat and other fuse seat different voltage is 32V or 48V.

    5. Color standard:

    the general color of automobile fuse seat is black, and some colors can be customized.

    6, cold resistance:

    resistance we can generally ignore, because its parameters are not very important.

    7, the minimum melting heat energy:

    this is generally related to its temperature tolerance, the material is different, the temperature tolerance is different, the general market most automobile fuse seat material is PVC, the basic can reach about 100 degrees, the temperature can meet most of the needs.

    The above 7 points basically include all the electrical characteristics and performance characteristics of the auto fuse holder. Our users can refer to 7 points before selecting the car fuse holder. Only by understanding the relevant parameters can we be prepared for the future.

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    Post time: Aug-29-2019
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