Principle and classification of fuse box

In the electrification and intelligent life today, the security problem is the most important, the most can not be ignored, the security problem can be said to involve everyone, involves every field, therefore, how to safely use our scientific and technological equipment is one of our unavoidable topics in the scientific research.Fuse box is one of the safety devices designed by us to protect the safety of all kinds of equipment we are using.

Fuse box


So called fuse box, actually the actual working principle and we use in the circuit fuse is very similar.It is also known as a fuse box because of the box it is installed in. Before we fully understand the principles of the fuse box, let’s take a look at the principles and USES of the box.

In order to ensure the safety and normal work of the fuse, the role of the fuse box is generally waterproof, prevent, avoid high temperature, etc., the current fuse box mainly has lead type fuse box and car fuse box.

As we all know, when the fuse is in use, if the effect of high temperature or water, it will change its electrical conductivity, which will cause work disorders, dangerous.

So fuse boxes are typically made of materials that are hard to penetrate or completely sealed.

Fuse principle

As for the fuse, I think everyone should be very familiar with it.A fuse is actually a piece of conductor wire with a resistance. Its function is to ensure that when the current in the circuit is too large, a fuse will occur and the whole circuit will be broken. This is a good way to protect the circuit against the danger of the whole circuit catching fire.

Fuse, therefore, must be the conductor, but also need regulation, fuse resistors are big enough, because we know that we want to blow out the fuse will produce certain temperature, the greater the resistance of the conductor temperature, and the greater the heat, in addition, the melting point of fuse is not too high, otherwise it is difficult to fuse protection circuit.

Fuse box sorting

The types of fuse box is very much, if according to the installation of fuse classification, can be divided into the fuse box and box, if according to the size of the fuse classification, can be divided into the middle, large, small three types of fuse box, if according to the material, can be divided into plastic fuse box and bakelite fuse box;

In addition, we can also carry on the division according to the environmental protection content, if carries on the division according to the environmental protection, here can divide the fuse box into the environmental protection fuse box and the non-environmental protection fuse box.There are also car fuse boxes and lead fuse boxes.

The function and type of fuse box are so many, we can see from here, the function of fuse box is mainly to protect the safety of the whole circuit, eliminate the circuit caused by excessive power consumption fire hazard, and ensure the normal operation of the circuit.

The above is about the principle of fuse box and the classification of the introduction;We are a professional fuse box factory, products: fuse holder panel mount,fuse holder PCB, etc., welcome to consult ~

Post time: Apr-14-2020