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Although the car fuse holder is inconspicuous in the daily use of the car, the vehicle without its fuse will become a pile of soulless scrap iron, mainly because its lighting, starter, air conditioner, loudspeaker and other vehicle electrical equipment all need fuse protection, otherwise if the current in the line is too large, it is likely to burn out the electrical appliances.

Car fuse is just what we used to call it. It is actually called a fuse. When in use, its main Zuo Yongshi will fuse when the circuit current is abnormal or more than 2 times its rated current, which plays the role of circuit protection.

Rated current and voltage of automobile fuse

There will be two important parameters in the automobile fuse, one is the rated current and the other is the rated voltage, which needs to be selected according to the current and voltage of the fuse. The vehicle fuse is divided into high current fuse and medium and low current fuse.

General vehicles are more common is medium and low current fuses, medium and low current fuses are divided into plug-in fuses, fork-bolt fuses, tightening fuses, tubular fuses. Among them, we are most often exposed to medium and small fast-melting plug-in fuses.

Automobile fuse is more common in general vehicles is medium and low current fuse, medium and low current fuse is divided into plug fuse, fork fuse, tightening fuse, tubular fuse. Among them, we are most often exposed to medium and small fast-melting plug-in fuses.

The corresponding electronic equipment in the automobile fuse is very simple. Generally, the electronic equipment responsible for each fuse is identified in the internal example diagram of the safety box. When in use, you only need to align the picture to the fuse to find the corresponding position. There will be no drawing marks inside the safety boxes of some models.

The above is the introduction of the rated voltage of the car fuse. If you want to know more about the fuse holder, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: Apr-21-2022