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What are the electrical characteristics of the fuse holder?What are the commonly used materials?How to classify them?Let’s follow the fuse holder manufacturer to learn more:

What is the general classification of fuse holder?

From a few years ago to the present, fuse holder can be divided into: panel mounting fuse holder, PCB(hard) board fuse holder, automatic plug-in fuse holder, and plug-in fuse holder.

Electrical characteristics of fuse holder:

Fuse holder must contain current resistance, voltage, high temperature and fire rating requirements.These factors mainly depend on the quality of the plastic and metal parts of the fuse holder.The better the quality, the higher the temperature resistance coefficient.Fuse block 3C does not have compulsory certification, so some fuse block basically did not have 3C certification!

What is the material of fuse block?

Fuse block is relatively trouble in the process of production and manufacture, the prices on the market is much larger than the fuse, the fuse and fuse holder, also is the same way, when the plastic parts and metal materials are of good quality, the price also is more, now in general can be divided into: plastic, bakelite nylon PA66, PP material, plastic, hardware, generally for brass nickel plated, silver plated or brass, good material is tin plating copper tin plating silver.

Fuse base transient and leakage current of circuit board integrated circuit data line ELECTROSTATIC discharge current.Electrical equipment electrostatic discharge transient state through the protected data line circuit board integrated circuit data line directly into the chip electrostatic discharge current reduction.The electrostatic discharge suppressor of the electronic device clamps the transient state, thus limiting the electrostatic discharge current of the chip.

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Post time: Oct-24-2020