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Fuse holder is a protective measure installed in a circuit. It provides insulation protection for the fuse and ensures the safe operation of the circuit.

Fuse holder functions are:

When circuit failure or abnormal, such as wet water, short circuit and damage, etc., will lead to the current in the circuit rising and generate a lot of heat, and the rise of current is likely to damage to some of the important components in the circuit or precious device, when heat up to a certain degree, even a fire, burning circuit, serious when still can fire.

If the circuit is correctly located in the fuse jacket fuse seat, then, the fuse will be in the current abnormal rise to a certain height and a certain time, its own fuse, at this time fuse seat pray isolated from the outside world role, thereby protecting the safe operation of the circuit.

Application of fuse holder:

(1) : Panel mount fuse holder, more for electrical equipment, such as power amplifier, DVD, speaker, massage chair and other electrical equipment.

(2) : PCB fuse holder, mostly used on the control board of small household appliances.

(3) : Inline fuse holder, mainly used for the connection of small household appliances and industrial machinery wire harness.

(4) : Automobile fuse holder, more for the car electrical appliances, such as car amplifier, car refrigerator, car DVD and so on.

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Post time: Nov-20-2020