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The structure of automobile fuse holder and its calorific setting, Hinew electrical professional fuse holder factory to tell you.

Auto fuse is used to install the fuse seat, and general fuse consists of three parts: one is melt part, it is the center of the fuse, fuse block current effect, the same class, the same standard fuse melts, material to the same geometry to and, small resistance, as far as possible, and to agree, it is important to fusing characteristics should agree.

The second is the electrode part, there are generally two, it is an important part of the melt and circuit connection, it must have good conductivity, should not produce obvious equipment touch resistance;Part three is stents, the fuse melts is generally fine soft, the effect of the stents is to fix the melt and make three sections of rigid all the convenience of equipment, use, it must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardant, in use should not produce the phenomenon such as crack, deformation, combustion and short circuit.

In the process of using the car fuse holder, when the current flows through the conductor, there will be a certain resistance between the conductors, so the conductor will be heated. The heat generated by the fuse holder will follow the formula Q=0.24I2RT to a certain extent, where T is the time when the current flows through the conductor and R is the resistance of the conductor.0.24 is a constant, Q is calorific value, etc.

Auto fuse holder of fuse in the process of electric current transform heat makes the melt temperature rise, and normal operation in the load current or promised to overload current process, the current attack by heat and melt, shell and the surrounding environment radiation methods such as heat can reach the balance.

When the heat dissipation speed of the car fuse holder cannot keep up with the heating speed, the heat will gradually accumulate on the melt, making the melt temperature rise. Once the temperature reaches and exceeds the melting point of the melt material, it will liquefy or vaporize, and then disconnect the current, and play the effect of safety maintenance on the circuit and people.

The above is the structure of the car fuse seat and its calorific setting, I hope this article can help you.We are a professional fuse holder manufacturer from China - Hinew Electrical, welcome to come to consult!

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Post time: Jan-26-2021