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The type fuse holder for pcb and its electroplating treatment, Hinew electrical professional fuse holder factory to tell you.

The fuse holder is designed and developed to better install and replace individual fuses. When installing a fuse, we need to use some necessary equipment.Only when the equipment is finished can we make sure that we install the fuse more smoothly.When installing the equipment, we should use the fuse holder, because without this equipment, we cannot install the fuse on the product we need.

When we study fuses, we usually look at the fuse holder by the way.Because different fusion will be installed on different circuit boards, if the circuit boards are different, then the fuse holder we choose should be different, and the location of the installation should be different.

Fuse seat can be divided into panel mounting fuse seat, PCB(hard) board fuse seat, automatic plug-in fuse seat, insert type fuse seat.The fuse holder must contain requirements for resistance to current, voltage, high temperature and fire rating.These factors mainly depend on the quality of the plastic parts and metal parts of the fuse seat, the better the quality, the higher the temperature resistance coefficient.

The assembly of fuse holder consists of nut, plastic, copper, etc.When electroplating fuse seat terminal, there are certain requirements on the surface of the electroplating production area: anti-corrosion, anti-seepage and anti-effusion, there is a water tank on the production line to collect spraying liquid and cleaning liquid device.The first requirement of electroplating production line with good quality is automatic continuous electroplating production line equipment, which requires good electroplating production process habits.

Fuse holder terminal plating quality is good or not is directly related to the welding work of the follow-up, plating quality directly affect the welding quality, we often meet with bad welding production technology, electroplating oxide etc on the problem, metal plating surface is very unstable, this is also our has been emphasized the importance of fuse holder terminal plating process.

The above is the type of fuse holder and its electroplating treatment, I hope this article can help you.We are a professional fuse holder manufacturer from China - Hinew Electrical, welcome to come to consult!

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Post time: Jan-26-2021