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The fuse was originally invented by Edison in order to protect the incandescent lighting. After the rapid development of electronic products, it has finally evolved into a variety of different types of fuses, including FUSE, fuses, current fuses, small fuses, miniature fuses, and resistors. Type fuse, glass tube fuse, ceramic tube fuse, chip fuse, cylindrical (type) fuse, square (type), square, square case fuse, plastic fuse, temperature fuse, fuse resistance, winding resistance, temperature control switch, Thermostats, car fuses, blade fuses, bolt fuses, connection fuses, Eastern European fuses, flat fuses, fuse holders, fuse clips, fuse boxes, fuse holders, fuse holders. No matter how many types of fuses, he designed electrical characteristics for him after being invented, which can also be called attributes. Speaking of fuse, it is used to protect our circuit by what method, what attribute, what electrical performance, etc., we also call it a circuit protection component, also called a protector. The principle of protection is nothing more than two attributes, and we also assign the attributes to the fuse.

Why is it called a fuse? We will introduce the classification of fuses here today. For questions about car fuses, car fuse holders, FUSE, and fuse holders, please consult us. Our contact information. Homepage: https://www.hzhinew.com/, E-mail: huang@hinew-cn.com,huang@hinew-cn.com,524506555@qq.com

Post time: Jun-07-2021