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The content shared today is mainly about whether self-repairing fuses can be encapsulated. The answer is no because packaging a self-recovering fuse has two functions: the following is explained by the 5x20 fuse holder manufacturer.

Can the self-repairing fuse be encapsulated?

1. It will affect the normal heat dissipation process of the product and cause the motion characteristic of the product to be unstable.

2. Tight or hard sealing will affect the physical scaling of PTC materials, resulting in product failure.

It is generally not recommended to pack additional self-restoring fuse products. If packing is necessary, attention should be paid to the selection of packaging materials.

If the packaging material is too hard, it will hinder the expansion of the thermistor and affect its normal use. Even when the "soft" sealing material is used, the heat dissipation of the thermistor will be affected.

Automobile fuse is a kind of current fuse, when the circuit current abnormal exceeds its rated current, the fuse plays the role of circuit protection. Automobile fuses are usually used for over-current protection of automobile circuits, as well as for over-current protection of industrial equipment. Many electrical devices in automobile circuits are connected by different colors of wires, the most important of which should be fuses. In addition, fuse brackets provided by automotive fuse suppliers include (suitable for plug-in models): small plug-in fuse brackets, medium-sized plug-in fuse brackets, and large plug-in fuse brackets. The above is commonly used, the choice of fuse bracket depends on its own applicability, mainly depends on the installation size, size, shape and performance of the fuse bracket.

how to check and replace the car fuse: if an electrical failure occurs during the use of the car, it may be caused by the burning of the fuse, so it is necessary to find the automobile fuse supplier to replace it in time.


1. Turn off the ignition switch and open the fuse cover.

2. Replace the fuse. Matters needing attention.

(1) Please replace the fuse according to the current value marked on the fuse box lid and do not replace the fuse with a current higher than the rated current.

(2) if the new fuse is fused immediately again, it indicates that there may be something wrong with the circuit system and should be overhauled as soon as possible.

(3) if there is no spare fuse. In case of emergency, other devices that have no impact on driving and safety can be replaced by fuses.

The above is the content of whether the self-repairing fuse can be encapsulated. I hope it will be of some help to you. Huizhou Maniu Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of electronic components such as 5x20 fuse holder, automobile fuse holder, automobile fuse box, switch, socket, thermostat and so on. Welcome to understand!


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