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The car fuse seat refers to the seat device of the car fuse, the car fuse seat can be divided into: panel device car fuse seat;Lead type automobile fuse holder;A car fuse clip.Now the technological level of car building is relatively high, and the effective circuit of the vehicle will have detailed experiments before leaving the factory or even at the beginning of the design.But why does the car fuse seat fail when it is in use?Manatee professional fuse holder manufacturer to tell you.
There are two most likely causes of a car fuse failure.
1. Excessive electrical load
2. There is a short circuit in the car circuit
The main reason of the situation that appears former is to change headlight, use inferior cigarette lighter adaptor and vehicle board acoustics equipment in disorder.
The above failure of the automobile fuse seat can be avoided.Before changing the car circuit, the owner should effectively understand the power and large load of the electric appliances used in the car factory.For example, the modified headlight wattage is higher than the original factory set value, it is possible to cause a broken lamp fuse.
If the electrical appliances of the car without any of its changes will also appear in the car fuse seat failure phenomenon.In this way, it is necessary to effectively check whether there is a short circuit in the line of the car.In the course of daily maintenance, it is a good habit to flush the engine nacelle directly without water pipes to avoid the safe box and short circuit.
The automobile fuse holder can also be effectively observed through its visual observation, whether there is the phenomenon of short circuit caused by the aging of the exposed metal wire of the wire rubber.In addition, when cleaning the car, it is also necessary to pay attention to effectively avoid touching the wire buried in the floor.
The above is the cause of the failure of the car fuse holder, I hope to help you.We are a fuse holder supplier from China - Manatee Electric, welcome to consult!

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Post time: Mar-03-2021