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Fuse bracket is the bracket for installing the fuse. It is widely used in our life. When choosing the equipment, we need to check what aspects are needed to ensure that the product has achieved good results in the process of use.So, in the purchase and use of fuse holder need to do what checks?Next, HINEW professional fuse holder manufacturer will answer your question.

Appearance inspection

Some problems may occur after a period of use of the fuse holder, so it is necessary to check frequently when using it. The appearance should be checked first:

1.Observe the appearance of the pin and surface position, whether there is rust, deformation or broken foot phenomenon.

2.Check the surface for contaminants or scratches.

3.To see if there is deformation or crack and other conditions, in order to make it in the process of use, can ensure that there is a good use effect, we must ensure that the appearance of the standard.

Check the size of the product

After purchasing the fuse holder, check its shape and size to see if it matches the size provided in the outer package.If the size is not consistent, it will affect the use effect of the product.When purchasing and using fuse holder, the relevant aspects must be checked to ensure that the product has a good use effect.

Function check

In order to ensure that the fuse holder has a good use effect, some of its functions should be checked:

1.Welding the tin wire to the seat with a soldering iron to see if it can be soldered firmly. The area in the welding process is too small, which may affect the use effect of the product.

2.can be directly installed with a fuse, if it can be just installed, it shows that the use effect is better, if there is loose or not installed in the situation, it shows that the selected products do not meet the standard.

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Post time: Apr-28-2021