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While driving, there is a frequently occurring action that causes serious damage to the car's fuse holder.And these are things you don't notice while driving, such as pressing glass water for too long, or using a cigarette lighter.These seemingly simple actions can cause serious damage to the automotive fuse holder.Take a look at this with the car fuse holder manufacturer-Hinew.

There are two main reasons for car fuse holder damage:

Spray glass water for a long time:

Generally in the early winter season, the owner will be more likely to ignore the replacement of antifreeze glass water.In the morning when the spray, there will be spray out of the phenomenon.At this time the owner of the glass water switch for a long time, such a long time to hold.This can cause the fuse holder of the pump to burn out due to overheating and, in severe cases, can burn the pump.

Abnormal operation of cigarette lighter:

Any driver who smokes will be ready to light up while driving, which seems convenient.The practical impact of a car fuse holder is significant.Therefore, the fuse of cigarette lighter in the car, also belongs to the more easily damaged parts.Because there are a lot of friends like to take electricity in the cigarette lighter, and at the same time plug in a variety of different loads with electrical appliances.These will increase the fuse of the cigarette lighter damage.


1. Please replace the fuse box according to the rated current value marked on the fuse box cover. Do not use the fuse box with higher than the rated current.

2. If the new fuse is blown immediately, it indicates that there may be a defect in the electrical system and maintenance should be done as soon as possible.

3. If a backup fuse is not available.In case of emergency, the fuses of other devices which do not affect driving and safety can be replaced.

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Post time: Apr-14-2021