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What should a car fuse holder do in terms of improving its stability?Here, Hinew a  automobile fuse holder manufacturer, tells you.

There are two things we should understand about the car fuse holder in terms of improving its stability: 

1.The car fuse holder sealing car insurance arc problem, its contact conversion ability will also drop, so that the driving voltage will be higher;

2.We can make the car fuse holder contact with cold adhesion intensification, so as to contact the internal plastics, insulation materials, and the aging of metal parts.

Next, in improve the stability of the car fuse bracket, you can also increase the resistance of the contact mask, make the contact oxidation erosion, or control the temperature change to deal with the function of the car fuse bracket technology.

At first, the heat causes the fuse box to speed up.This requires us to operate in strict accordance with the design on the printed circuit board before use. It is wrong to insert the car fuse holder directly.Strictly speaking, we will design printed circuit boards within the operating temperature range.Make sure the fuse is close to heating.

In view of the above, we can actually use a resistor capacitor circuit, or a resistor or diode circuit at both ends of the transient suppression circuit.

In general, automobile fuse holder, if it is exposed to frost in electrical engineering, or if it is frozen on the surface of the surface or armature, these conditions will affect the normal conduction connection.

The car fuse holder at this time, we need to its relay coil to exist in a "transient state", the voltage peak limit should be set within a certain range, usually is kilovolt.

What we need to know about the car fuse holder is that the surge voltage can be applied to the fuse and the power supply system so that when other equipment produces an arc with energy storage function, the coil we insert into the car fuse holder will break, so that the stored induced potential energy can generate several times the voltage.

There are two very important working parameters of automobile fuse holder in the use process, namely rated voltage and rated current.The automobile fuse holder needs to be effectively selected according to the current and voltage of its circuit during the use of the corresponding automobile fuse holder.

The above is the car fuse holder how to improve the stability of the content of the car, I hope you have a certain help.We are the car fuse holder supplier from China, welcome to consult us!

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Post time: Mar-17-2021